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Has selling as a concept completely changed?

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Business For Punks
James Watt
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I think so. Any starting business or start-up should not be falling into the trap of hiring a salesperson. Selling does usually make more money than not doing anything at all. The ways of selling and at what point it is beneficial to do is just changing with this fast-paced world. And it’s happening now. Still we are chatting about how sales departments and persons actually make it all happen in the business world. I don’t see it that way and so does not James Watt, the co-founder of Brewdog. 

Watt writes in his book Business for punks (I have actually talked about him and this book earlier too!) that people should be coming for you and not the other way around. ”Something phenomenal is the future”. I agree. In todays world having sales persons involved too early in the process will mean you are pushing too hard. People don’t want that! They do informed choices. And if you’re product or service is not attracting people itself, you are doing something that doesn’t matter. I’m sorry to tell you that. ):

Creating the hype through the brilliance of what you create is the greatest way to sell. And there’s no need for those salesmen. But I also know, it is not very realistic to never hire some people to handle selling. The thing is that even if you sometime hire salespersons, make sure it is not selling in the way of old concept that they do. What sales people in Brewdog do, for example, is take care of the existing customer base and making sure Brewdog is working closely together with their partners. 


Anyway conventional methods are dying. That’s for sure. So whether you are just starting or have more experience, think about the whole selling thing twice. Should you concentrate on something else or change the ways? 

Let me know, how you see selling?




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