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GSEA Competition pitch – Filmarit

Kirjoittanut: Gustav Perttilä - tiimistä Ei tiimiä.

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Innostavan tiivistämisen taito Pitch!
Elsa Ervasti
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In this essay I will be revealing my GSEA competitions pitch in a written form. I will also be commenting and analyzing the pitch based on the research I’ve done. Additions from the original pitch will be marked with a *.


Everyone has a story, so why not reveal yours to the world


*A lecture given by a pitch & presentation coach Elsa Ervasti, told that it’s great way to capture the listeners attention by starting off the pitch asking an indirect question linked to the business at hand. Even though the question is indirect, it wakes the audience up and gets their attention.





my name is Gustav Perttilä and I’m one of the CO-founders of Filmarit. We are a media production company, where we specialize creating videos and photography’s for corporations.


*It is always importantant to introduce yourself and tell what you are all about. People are interested in people and want to get to know them. That is why the pitch will continue next with a personal story of the presentator, where they will place themselves within the pitch. The pitch is constructed on the base of a “hell & heaven” comparison. https://medium.com/adlaunch/advanced-pitching-start-a-pitch-with-hell-then-heaven-e173d7257b07


The story of Filmarit began like any other great Finnish story, in a Sauna, with a beer or two. There was a common passion between all of us, and that was storytelling

Stories have always fascinated me. I remember being a kid and spending all of my days Infront of TV, watching every movie I could get my hands on. Yes, I know, sounds like I was a couch potato, and indeed I were.


I was a lot of different things at the time, the youngest of four brothers, a child with a stuttering problem, a child with a rare blood decease, a child with a Russian mom, and a child who was beaten and bullied for 5 years at school. I was all these things and still none. I never let anyone or anything, to define who I was as a person. I wasn’t going to become a victim of my circumstances.


Despite of my blood decease called Hemophilia, I became a competitive athlete at the top of my game. I was a competitive swimmer, competitive floorball player, a basketball player and soon I’ll be a competitive bodybuilder. My chances of having a, what people call a normal life, was gone from birth, when I was diagnosed with my decease. Because of this, I have always needed to put more will power and determination to achieve what I’ve wanted. Life gave me a shorthand from the beginning, but I’ve always seen it more as a gift. A gift that just needs a bit of unwrapping. Don’t get me wrong, there has definitely been days when I’ve cursed the world for giving me it. But now, I’m in my twenties and I can see all the strength it has provided me with, to fight off the next mountain up ahead.


*Showing your authentic self and being personal will help the audience to connect with the story and build trust. Studies have shown that people make up to 90% of their decisions based on emotions. Explaining how a person got to a point in life, might be a good tactic used in a pitch if there’s an inspirational twist about it. https://westsidetoastmasters.com/resources/laws_persuasion/chap14.html

The Mechanics of Choice


Saying phrases like “I’m an entrepreneur” still feels a bit too early when I’m not even paying for my own rent.

My mother on the other hand, she was a true entrepreneur. She raised 4 wild active boys, putting 4 warm meals per day for us and running a clothing store full time. My words do not make her justice, but she is my inspiration. From the work I got to see and DO and from the mistakes made, I believe that is where my spark for entrepreneurship started.


Let me ask a question, who of you enjoy a sad ending in a movie? Please, raise your hands.


*Interacting with the audience and repositioning them as being a part of the pitch is a powerful way to get them more invested. It’s also a good way to gain more inside information of the persons Infront. A study of audience engagement done by Roman Bednarik and later continued by Dr. Donata Oertel, found that there’s a direct correlation between high intensity and interest levels. This discovery indicates that power movements, as in hand gestures made with the correct timing, can increase the level of interest within the listener.



Literally almost none, I don’t like them eighter. I prefer a happy ending, where the main character ends up winning. I look at my life as a movie and myself being the main character. I have all the power to choose the type of character I want to be and where I’ll end up. The questions I have to ask from myself are: what kind of a person I want to be, kind, loving, enthusiastic, creative. Where I want to be in 10 years: stuck, in the same position where I’m currently or somewhere better? And by far, the most important question for me: How do I want to make it to my ultimate destination and to reach my goals: working an unsatisfying job or working with something I feel passionate about. I prefer the latter on. Most often it is a must, to initially work at a crappy job for you to be able to chase your dreams. That’s exactly what I did and now, here I am.  Standing in front of you, doing what I’m most terrified of, public speaking.


The last time I was giving a pitch was in a shopping mall in Helsinki 2 years ago with Nuori Yrittäjyys program. I could tell you that it was a huge success, and I wowed the audience, but I didn’t. In fact, I froze and left the stage. Hopefully, if I’ve managed to get this far with my speech, freezing is yesterdays news.


Speaking of freezing, our company’s bank account is. We’ve only been truly active for the past month and only now are we focusing in bringing real capital in. We’ve had to overcome a lot of communication issues and grow as colleges. I feel that we’re in the brink of discovering, who we are as a team.


At Filmarit we are seeking to be unique and explore new territories as they come. For me that territory was piloting an FPV drone and training myself to become the top pilot in Finland. To reach this goal of mine, I’ve given time till the end of my school studies. This skill will be directly linked to our business at Filmarit and we can expand our clientele base, exponentially. Our main goal for the next year is to acquire 1 client per week, for every week of the year. If we succeed to deliver this goal, it’d mean that we get to pay our living through Filmarit.


Audiovisual communication through videos is now the leading media outlet to connect with your target audience. There is constant growing demand for media production and for those people who are talented in it. We at Filmarit strive to satisfy this demand and speaking of sorts, tomorrow we will, by going to shoot a commercial for our client in Himos.


Just thinking about the kid 10 years ago with the stuttering, bullying and issues with lack of self-love, gives me goosebumps of how far I’ve come. The reason why I’m reading this today from the paper is because I have stage fright and I’ve learned from past experiences where I’m not good at and am good at. Giving a pitch to a panel of judges and a room full of audience is not one of them.


*Speaking out loud and opening up about past traumas, have shown to help people to reduce various symptoms. This was also the case with me personally. People don’t often take the time of the day to analyze and to ponder about their past experiences. Those experiences might have had an effect that still actively plays part in a persons life.




So, what would we do, if we would qualify for the finals and win the ultimate prize of 25 thousand euros? Equipment, equipment, equipment. To be exact 50% of the budget would be spent on equipment. That’s the amount we would need, to be able to compete with the big boys. 25% to the develop our socials and 25% stashed for an emergency.


Everyone has a story, so why not reveal yours to the world.


Thank you!

  • Ella Muja

    This was an interesting essay, and nice to read about your pitch since we couldn’t see it live or hear it anywhere! I enjoyed how you tied in a lot of your personal history and how it has inspired you and your projects now. Just a reminder, when citing your references, do not just add the link, you have to have the author and date in the text, and then the reference list at the end, especially since it’s a 2 point essay!

  • Iida Luhtala

    Thank you for this essay!

    Like Ella already said, nice to read the pitch since we couldn’t hear it live.

    Even though public speaking would be hard for you (at the moment). I think that with the storytelling skills you have, you have a lot of potential to become very good at it. Practice practice practice and so on…
    I’ll challenge you to be an event host in the next projector/other Proakatemia event!