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Balance sheet of your life.

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This essay is reflecting on my learning from Tradenomi Semma-seminar. (In Tampere 11th of October 2023 by TTO ry.) The seminar dove into the topics of motivation, personal development, and the importance of mindset. I will be going threw the teachings of each one of the three speakers and reflecting on what did I learn and what have I taken into practice since the seminar. The three speakers presenting their ideas were Eero Herranen, Tinu Räisänen and Pekka Hyysalo. All from very different walks of life and stories to tell. However, there was also a lot in common in all their speeches and teachings.

How Your Mindset Shapes Your Reality

Eero Herranen is a Tampere-based actor, host, social media influencer, and business coach. He is some of the most well-known individuals with dwarfism in Finland. His speech was presented in a light-hearted way with a lot of valuable lessons learned and instructions based on those.
The importance of finding one’s own source of motivation and goal was often emphasized in the speech of Eero Herranen. Whatever is the motivation and life direction of others might not be the way to go for you. Before you can pursue your dreams, you must define what they really are. Specify your goals as precisely as possible and build a strong foundation for your dreams. After that it is clearer how to start reaching for those dreams. Don’t let others effect your attitude or passion for your dreams. Don’t let setbacks discourage but motivate yourself to work for your dreams even harder.
It is also important to reflect on what motivates you in life, according to E. Herranen. What are your goals and why? You must represent yourself and live a life true to yourself. If you don’t truly live a life that visibly aligns with your stated values day in and day out, they may not actually be your core values. Reevaluate your life and truly live according to them. Only then they are TRULY your values. Herranen encourages to develop yourself endlessly. “If the roof of development comes, change what you are developing.” In your daily life you should always do something to develop, to be better. To be a better version of yourself than yesterday. Tip for this from E. Herranen was, “To always do a little more than you thought was possible”. This coming from a person who has gone threw many difficulties and setbacks in his life, many that we can not imagine or truly relate to. Whatever it is that you are trying to do or reach for, just do it full on. You know you have success if your situation today is better than it was yesterday. That is already progress.
Eero Herranen gave his share of business advice. “Do not let the market economy to define you, you define it” He uses as an example when the city scooter brand Tier came into Tampere, he was bummed that he couldn’t use them due to their large size. In the end Tier came up with a mini version of their regular scoot customized for Herranen. “Take the positive out of being different”, says Herranen. The most memorable learning from E. Herranen is about your own attitude it’s up to you to decide is it “Pleasure or Business?” or “Pleasurable business!” You have the power to define how you see the challenges and opportunities in your life. Take the chance and enjoy your life!

Creator’s balance sheet

In the modern world, an entrepreneur’s own well-being and motivation significantly impact the company and its balance sheet. What is a balance sheet? According to Investopedia the term balance sheet refers to a financial statement that reports a company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity at a specific point in time. How about the creator’s balance sheet? The Creator’s Balance Sheet includes your strengths, weaknesses, potential, gains, and losses. The creator grapples with these elements, striving to maintain balance in their own life sheet. It’s not always easy and many of us struggle to find the middle ground of working effectively and being present in personal life. Tinu Räisänen in her speech was talking about the creator’s balance sheet and how can an entrepreneur find that balance. What do they need pay attention to?
“I fully believe that the success and results of businesses stem from the doers. Within us, the doers, lies the power and potential. It is each person’s responsibility to learn to know oneself, to better manage their mind and actions, and thereby lead both companies and people around us more effectively. The best results emerge when we focus on the positive aspects and accept the challenges as part of life. This is the reason why I want to talk about the Creator’s Balance, which is one of the most crucial invisible metrics for a company.” -Tinu Räisänen (Quote from her website)
Räisänen introduced 5 creators core principles in her speech.
Entrepreneurship is a journey guided by core principles – the Creator’s Values.
Attitude: Your mindset matters. Being a creator shapes a new world, emphasizing proactive thinking over leaving things to chance.
Values: Your daily choices reflect your values. Think about what you won’t compromise on – both in your personal life and as an entrepreneur.
Frameworks: Clear guidelines are crucial. Understand what’s expected and where to focus your energy – whether you’re an employee or an employer.
Balance: Juggling multiple tasks requires balance. Define your own levels for different parts of your life; not everything can be done at once.
Personal Responsibility: Take charge of your life. Strength comes from facing challenges, not blaming others.
T. Räisänen reminds that, “If strengths aren’t managed, they become weaknesses.” This simple yet powerful approach empowers entrepreneurs to make decisions aligned with their values, navigate challenges, and find success.

Motivation is everything.

Pekka Hyysalo from Turku was one of our country’s most talented freestyle skiers until fate intervened in April 2010. A severe brain injury and almost paralysis followed the unfortunate fall of the 19-year-old youngster, with doctors giving poor prognoses for recovery. However, Hyysalo never gave up. (MTV SPORT, 2013)
This is a story you don’t forget. In its brutality and yet motivating effect on the listener is like no other. Pekka Hyysalo’s speech changed my opinion about the possibilities, positivity, and motivation in one’s life. When a person who has gone through an enormous struggle, says that without motivation and a clear reason what motivates them, they would never have gotten out of the hospital bed, and probably still be living as a bedridden patient. It makes you reconsider your own motivation, life, possibilities, and their true value from an entirely new perspective. He had everything he would have wanted from life in his grasp, talent, career and a dream but it was taken away from him in a horrific way. Instead of listening to pessimistic doctors, he decided to continue pursuing his dreams in a new way.
Having survived quadriplegia, coma and memory loss, he has now returned to skiing, despite doctors saying he could never ski again. He organizes running events aiming for marathons just because he was told he couldn’t run. He recently ran a half marathon and is now halfway to his goal in his event Fight Back Run. He looks at his own life challenges from a new angle and sees the word “potential” in a very different way. There is potential in each of us for so much. Usually, it’s you standing in front of achieving your dreams.
Inspiring quotes from Pekka Hyysalo:
“Love your life and fight for your goals.”
“Cherish every moment and opportunity.”
“In the world, there are millions of battles, each of which is the most important.”
Pekka Hyysalo’s story has changed how I look at my own life’s troubles. Despite of him facing tough times, including serious health issues, he refused to give up on his dreams. His positive attitude and determination inspired me to look at my own life in a new way. Instead of listening to negative opinions, Hyysalo chose to pursue his passions, like returning to skiing and taking on marathons. His experience taught me that our mindset and determination are key to overcoming difficulties. Hyysalo’s message encourages us to appreciate every moment, seize opportunities, and realize the potential we all have within ourselves. His story shows that, no matter what challenges we face, we can shape our lives with a positive outlook, strong determination, and a clear goal of our dream.

In conclusion the lessons from the Tradenomi Semma-seminar. Eero Herranen highlighted the importance of setting personal goals and staying resilient amid setbacks. He encouraged continuous self-improvement and emphasized the power of your own positive attitude on life. Tinu Räisänen’s focus on the Creator’s Balance Sheet provided a roadmap for entrepreneurs, stressing the significance of well-being and motivation.

Pekka Hyysalo’s inspiring story challenged my views on possibilities, motivation and what is the powerful impact of those on one’s life.
These speakers taught me about – knowing oneself, aligning actions with values, embracing challenges, and seeking continuous growth. I will go into, and have gone into every day since the seminar, being grateful of each opportunity and taking challenges to make myself better than I was yesterday. I realized how much our way of looking at things effects our daily life. By choosing positive outlook on life and clear goals to reach for I feel like I am more likely to achieve whatever it is that I want. If my attitude is negative and sceptical everything in my life is affected by that, even business success.
Remember: “Take the chance and enjoy your life!” (Eero Herranen), “If strengths aren’t managed, they become weaknesses.” (Tinu Räisänen), and “Love your life and fight for your goals.” (Pekka Hyysalo). May these simple yet powerful lessons guide us on our unique journeys.

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Finnish student in the English Entrepreneurship and Team leadership program.

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