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Proakatemian esseepankki

Wonderland of Proakatemia

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Once upon a time in the wonderland of Proakatemia, it was okay to get essay points with commentary essays. In the shadowy hinterlands, there was a small, and a bit lost girl who didn’t have the esteemed foretelling skills of the old witch families. Lack of this skill might cost her wasted time and excessively valuable learning merchandise. However, in the unpredictable shadows, she’s accustomed to surprises and changes. Even wonderlands or at least this specific one isn’t always fair or full of fairy dust. It is familiar to that girl that she will be doomed for sure if she doesn’t even try to correct the errors following her own shortcomings. Sometimes the old and noble wonderland clergy provides sunshine even for the small and lost girls like herself.



Luiza de Oliveira Vago

15.10.2021 15:18

Thank you for this blog post and for teaching me something new from history.

It is a shame that so many things have a shadow on them when you check under the surface. Even tho we can’t affect everything, I hope that with Hekumu we are making the current situation even a little bit better by getting our products from as trustable sources as possible.


Discover cultures in cups of tea and coffee

Gustav Perttilä

15.10.2021 15:30

It is always interesting to hear from different tea cultures. Even now, after months and months of working together, I am still surprised by how different our cultures are around tea. From this essay, I will (try to) take into practice the numbers describing the caffeine levels between tea and Coffee. I was actually surprised that tea might have that much caffeine in it. Thank you for teaching me this!


Odyssey plans

Kamil Wojcik

13.11.2021 15:35

Thank you for the essay!

I have to collect some balls for this, but this essay got me to realize I actually should talk to some people I look up to and who I think are (even partly) living my dream life.

I also noticed that thinking about 3 totally different 5-year scenarios makes me feel anxious. I think this is because I have locked myself on going towards THE goal I have put for my life. I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing to not want to explore areas outside the tourism & accommodation things. Am I too young to set so strict goals? Or is it a blessing that I have found something that interests me so much that I don’t really care about other options?

I’m looking forward to our Monday paja.




GSEA Competition pitch – Filmarit

Gustav Perttilä

15.11.2021 11:15

Thank you for this essay!

Like Ella already said, nice to read the pitch since we couldn’t hear it live.

Even though public speaking would be hard for you (at the moment). I think that with the storytelling skills you have, you have a lot of potential to become very good at it. Practice practice practice and so on…

I’ll challenge you to be an event host in the next projector/other Proakatemia event!


Miten korona-aika on vaikuttanut väestön hyvinvointikäyttäytymiseen?

Jemina Laitinen

23.2.2022 15:07


Ajankohtainen aihe yhteiskunnan mutta myös tiimin kannalta.

Koska esseen aihe herättää helposti vahvoja tuntemuksia ja ennakko-odotuksia (suuntaan ja toiseen), oli ihanaa että lähdit jo heti aluksi avaamaan lähdettä kattavasti. Kirjoittajien tausta jäi vielä hieman epäselväksi, mutta ehkä kaikkea ei olekaan pakko avata.

Humasin max 2 pientä huolimattomuusvirhettä tekstissä (toinen oli ‘esimerkiksi’ sanan toisto jossain kohti ja toisena (mahdollisesti?) ylimääräinen pilkku). Kirjoittaminen ja oikeinkirjoitus on kyllä ehdottomasti yksi sun vahvuuksista!



Luiza de Oliveira Vago

9.2.2022 22:03

NVC is quite unfamiliar to me, so thank you for sharing more about it! Last year me & Gustav wrote an essay Listening Matters and I even had some small paja part about the topic. Dunderfelt (2015) writes in his book Kuuntele ja tule kuulluksi (=listen and be heard) about very similar thoughts than told here. Perhaps he was a fan of Rosenberg as well.

I wait eagerly for your second part about NVC’s empathy part. From my perspective we have a lot of same communication qualities, so it is very interesting to reflect your experiences on my own.