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The seven goals of life

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The Seven Goals of Life
Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
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This essay will include my personal reflection of last fall and goals for this spring as a head of team of International relations at Proakatemia and as a team member of Revena osk co-operative team. What does it mean to be a responsible of a team and how can you reach your personal goals that have been set up in advance.

Butterflies fly so erratically so you wonder where they really want to go. They flutter up and right and left and fro-only to alight sometimes just near or event at the same spot they have just taken off.

Firstly, I must say that the second year at Proakatemia got off to a fast start and we have already gone halfway through. This academic year will be immemorial for me in many ways: learning to be a team leader, being better at organizing schedules and finding a good balance between family-life and schoolwork. Anyhow, I look forward to it with humble attitude an open mind. For this essay I have used literature sources such as a book called The Seven Goals of Life, written by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol. In his book the goals of life have been divided to seven different sections:

  1. The family goal
  2. The career goal
  3. The financial goal
  4. The health goal
  5. The mission goal
  6. The self-fulfillment goal

My personal goal and challenge at Proakatemia are mostly related to number 2. career goal and number 5. mission goal. More specifically to oversee Proakatemia´s team of international relations which means that I am now responsible for developing and building Proakatemia´s global network links together with the members included in my team. How exciting, but at the same time challenging in many ways. Vitangcol compares a person or team, without goals to a butterfly. Butterflies fly so erratically so you wonder where they really want to go. They flutter up and right and left and fro-only to alight sometimes just near or event at the same spot they have just taken off.

We didn´t want to be those butterflies and let the current situation with covid-19 to cripple our operations. For that reasons we have discussed about what we could do despite of the current restrictions. We wrote another essay of the permanent platform we have created as a tool for the upcoming international relations teams. We wanted to create something that is useful for others and make the international team more visible.

One of our projects is an international podcast called Wings of Academy. Our podcast series includes couple of episodes including the following topics. We have invited couple of guests to our podcast such as the previous head of international team and some entrepreneurs who have expanded their business overseas. We have also invited people from different Team Academies around the world to join our podcast and to make a closer connection with them.

Couple of our team members have also participated in some international seminars. One of them was a seminar about an angel investor living in Singapore and doing business in Asia. Some of us also participated couple of other international events such as an event between Team Academies around the world.

Going back to the career goal and mission goal; As Vitangcol, M. wrote in his book, a career goal could include many kinds of ways and one of them really touched me. It was called the entrepreneurial way or business way. This means that you should choose the business that is dictated by your passion, not by it´s income attraction. Business made with passion can ultimately prove to be profitable. From my point of view, I am now in a situation where I can learn more about international business as a head of the international team. I´m 100 % positive I want my own product or service to expand outside of Finland at some point in my career life. Another thing worth mentioning was to think of the right product, at the right place and at the right price. We had this such amazing mentor meeting this week with Proakatemia´s alumni Jussi Meresmaa, who has created a successful Frisbee golf business after his studies at Proakatemia. He mentioned that the 3 keys to success is passion, hard work and luck.  As a head of the team of international relations, I want to work hard to keep my teammates motivated, I also want to get better at delegating things to others and I want to make projects that feels relevant to our operations.

So, my personal plan to reach my goals is to THINK BIG, WORK HARD and TO LEARN HOW TO WALK BEFORE I RUN.

Like Vitangcol mentioned in his book, business is like biking; you must keep on pedaling and pedaling and pedaling. The moment you stop, you fall. This is considered as continuous improvement.



Vitangcol, R. 2019. The Seven Goals of Life.

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