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Super connector
Scott Gerber & Ryan Paugh
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I read the book Super connector because I have involved in many different community events in Proakatemia at the moment. I have seen the strength of having a strong community around you and wanted to study about it more.

This book tells about connecting with people and how to connect the people you already know with eachother succesfully. This book goes over how you can become a “super-connector”. Super connector means that you build up your own strong community based on the real authentic relationship that benefits both sides, and connect people that you can see fitting with each other. This skill is really hard to master when it is about people’s trust. You fail you have the possibility to lose that trust which is really hard to get back.

In this modern world of constantly being able to contact almost everyone in just minutes we can easily forget the real meaning of real friendships and real connection. Especially in business world where you want to get trust from someone completely stranger and separate yourself from all of these people that just want money from your pocket. How can you present that the one you are connecting gets that was this guy really wants good for both of us and can bring me more value. I like the way of this book goes through the word connecting. Honest, value bringing way. And really focusing on. fewer people instead of many and bringing them as much value as you can. Like for example if you talk with someone in business event and you talk with them about their hobby like canoeing and you meet again after 1 year and you ask “how’s your icehockey going” you immediately sperate yourself from other people buy remembering something small and precise about them. This gives the other people you have met the feeling that you really listen them.

When you authenticaly make a contact and put real effort to it and really show that you can help them and they can rely on your help, they are also willing to help you when you need help.

The meaning of the book was really good but as book was hard to read because the things it went over could have been done in shorter way but somehow this book went over them really slowly. Because of that I found it really hard to focus on this book.