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My own steps of inspiration

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Blogiessee, kirjoitettu 28.4.2019. Essee käsittelee inspiraatiota. Julkaistu Lapassion projektitiimin yhteisellä alustalla, mistä löytyy tiimin yhteiset ja jokaisen tiimin jäsenen viikottaiset blogit.

Sanna’s Sixth Week


My own steps of inspiration

Sixth week is ending now and during the week I have been wondering what I should write this time – what is now in my mind, what is current topic? When I write I want that I have some inspiration and I can take an advantage to my experiences.

First I decided to write about my fears and try to understand why I fear, why we fear. Our fears are something that impact a lot for that what we do – or what we don’t do.

I already made some research and found different sources in the internet, different analysis. I tried to write three days in total. But I couldn’t. Why? I lost my inspiration with the topic. I tried to find again different perspectives on fear and combine them with my experiences but suddenly I just lost the inspiration. And when that happens, I feel like it is impossible to write.

So, why I should stick with the topic which I cannot move forward, why I should try to force myself to write? What would be better topic to write now than that – what to do when I lost my inspiration?

“Don’t force inspiration when you feel you need an idea. Or if you have an idea but you don’t know how to go about it, don’t go in so fast. It is okay to take a step back and relax, to breathe. So many of us go through life rushing and speeding. We are always busy, working, running. Even if you feel like you are falling behind in life, it is more beneficial for you to slow down.” (Intetion Inspired, 2019).

I have really learned something during my life and during my studies. If I lose the inspiration, don’t try to force it. But sometimes I forget it. It is better to give time even you feel falling behind, don’t worry, don’t rush. It can sounds easier than it is but it is worth of trying.

With this blog essay I realized that I need to give up and give time. Today was the fourth time when I was trying to write. Instead of forcing to write I decided to make breakfast, drink coffee and sit in the balcony, just watching the view. I gave myself time to enjoy slow morning, I gave a time to think and gave the brain a chance to rest.

Then it came like a lightning from a clear sky. Inspiration to write about inspiration.

The same way like writing, I have challenges in inspiration and motivation with this whole project of Lapassion. I believe that is always part of every process once in a while, the lack of inspiration.

I have learned that there are no shortcuts or magic tricks to find inspiration and motivation when you are feeling the lack of it. But as I said, I have learned something that helps me with the situations like that.

  1. Let it be
  2. Make a cup of coffee
  3. Feel the surroundings
  4. Be present

Don’t think you need to be inspired right now (Intetion inspired, 2019).

For now on I will be using that sentence every time I have lack of inspiration. Even it is simple, almost too simple, I think it works for me. I found the inspiration to write the essay, it required changing the topic from fear to inspiration but that is part of the process. Trust the process, sometimes you find a new path and it is ok.

If you are reading this, I don’t know is any of this going to help you to find motivation and inspiration but maybe it will make you to think. And I just want to remind everyone of us that maybe we try to find too complex ways or too many shortcuts to achieve the inspiration. Remember keep it simple enough, step back and relax.


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