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Final Camp & THE report

Kirjoittanut: Esme Luhtala - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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At Flips Final camp, we collaborated with the Swiss Team Academy situated in Sierre. A team of six Flip members, Saana, Kamil, Ella, Sandy, Veikko, and I, joined our forces with three students from the Swiss team academy and the Tanzania Team academy. Our joint efforts were dedicated to supporting Mavericks Club, based in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. The collaboration provided an enriching experience, working with a global company that offers diverse services in the realm of holistic training and more. We are excited to present a brief report summarizing the outcome of the project, showcasing the results of three days focused on team building, cooperation, and research. For further details about the trip, especially the ‘fun’ side of it, you can explore mine and Kamil’s essay series, Journaling Flip’s Final Camp.