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Kirjoittanut: Katrina Cirule - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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During summer 2023, I, Sille Sinor and Lassi Palojärvi participated in the BRIDG3 Hackathon. With our digital verification platform Authbound, we won the main prize of the event, which lead to many new connections.


One of those unexpected contacts was Lamar, who we all met in the BRIDG3 Hackathon after party. Lamar is based in Sweden where he runs a value network, which is a community of start-ups and experts that help each other elevate. By introducing us to this community, I and Sille got an idea to create a podcast where we share the stories of young founders, so that other entrepreneurial-minded young adults would see that it is possible to build something from scratch even as a first-timer in their field.


So, we present Zoom In! I and Sille have hosted 4 episodes so far, and in this one we zoom in on Presence Plumb, who is a 23 year-old tech start-up founder. Presence’s path been full of challenges and facing her own limiting beliefs. Here she opens up more about what led her to break them free, establish her own company, and choose a portfolio entrepreneur career.


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