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Worlds most special car maker

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This is a blog essay about my passion and my favorite car maker Koenigsegg a small car company that is keeping mega-car corporations on their toes.

Christian Von Koenigsegg is an entrepreneur and innovator from Sweden, who since a little kid had a passion for cars and engines. At the age of 8, he had already rebuilt a motorcycle engine and at the age of 15, he started to sell those mopeds he rebuilt. In 94´Christian started The “Koenigsegg project” with this he wanted to pursue his biggest dream to become a supercar manufacturer.  With the money he had saved, he hired the best people to create a car that would match the qualities of cars like the Mclaren F1 and Ferrari F40. After 2 years of development the first prototype, Koenigsegg CC was created. It took six more years after this to get it into production and the production model named “CC8S”  made their first motor show debut in Paris motor show in 2000 and people fell in love with the Swedish supercar.

Christian Koenigsegg as a person is a huge inspiration to me and I love the humble attitude he still has although he makes millions with his car company. He’s an awesome example of following your dream and working disciplined towards it and executing it besides any obstacles you might face on your journey. For example in 2003 just two weeks before his second-ever motor show entry the original Koenigsegg factory caught fire and he managed to save the cars from inside the factory and attended the Geneva motor show 14 days after with the cars untouched. He is constantly finding new ways to make his cars better and still to this day he continues to make continuous progress with the cars.

So what makes Koenigsegg so special and why is it, my favorite car maker? Koenigsegg is continuously developing new techniques they constantly break records and create parts that have never been used before, which is crazy to think when they are a completely independent car company that doesn’t use any borrowed parts from any other car makers which is really usual nowadays in the car industry. Doing that needs a lot of extremely expensive engineering work and a lot of precise development. They are a reasonably small car company compared to other hypercar makers and they don’t have a huge car company funding them like most of the other hypercar makers in the market. Still, Koenigsegg manages to make hypercars that break the records all the time. That’s why I highly respect their work and admire the originality they have kept in their company.

The future of cars.

Carbon emissions are one of the biggest challenges car manufacturers face and car companies are constantly finding ways to get the cars more environmentally friendly as consumers are more aware of their decisions when buying things and as governments are making carbon emission rules more strict. In 2007 Koenigsegg already started to do their cars more environmentally friendly with the “CCXR”. The CCXR uses E100 Biofuel and E85 alcohol fuel witch are a lot more environmentally friendly than regular pump gas. Now in 2021, they have a completely new lineup of hypercars the Regera and the Gemera that use hybrid technology. The Regera is the first production car ever that has an output of 1-megawatt that equals a mindblowing 1500 Bhp, Ok let’s put that into contrast – Trains have around 2.75-megawatt output crazy isn’t it?

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    I really liked this! Written in an interesting way that made me want to know more even though I’m not that interested in cars in general. Your passion for the topic clearly shows in the essay and made me more excited about cars also. 🙂

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