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Using chaos as a tool to evolve in our personal development.

Kirjoittanut: Carlos Gómez Leo - tiimistä Avanteam.

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Using chaos as a tool to evolve in our personal development.
By Carlos Gomez
What role does chaos create in our daily lives that could help us evolve, help us becoming the person we want to be? One of the most followed influencers from Mexico explains during his TEDx Talk with vivid examples and own experiences about his trajectory in life, the main core about this principle. His name Diego Dreyfus actor and physicist, a rare combination which allows to expose his own conclusions in a bold to the point presentation, bringing a descriptive of the terminology used, following a logical step by step explanations to his theory. The speaker opens its narrative with an open statement wishing everyone more chaos that what they can stand, exposing different information that might confuse people and create critical thinking along the way. The first question he addresses:
What is the second law of thermodynamics?
The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the state of entropy of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time. The second law also states that the changes in the entropy in the universe can never be negative.(Konstantin Malley, 2019) Going deeper in the definition of the 2nd law of the thermodynamics asks the following question.
What is Entropy? Entropy is the physical magnitude that calculates chaos, disorder or a piece of energy that cannot be used to produce work. Evolution –transformation from its Greek origin (Dreyfus, 2015) Deriving from these two definitions it can be said that the universe is lazy, why?
The reason is simple if the entropy will always increase over time and the entropy equals to chaos therefore the universe likes the disorder which translates to being lazy exposed with a quick example. Why do raindrops whenever they fall from the sky are drops and not in such a different shape such as little triangles? Is quite a lot of effort to do a corner, sticking to a rounder shape is easier. Mentioning these set of statements, the introduction to the next definition takes place, open systems. By Ilya Prigogine, consisting on the systems such as a highway, a house, a specific place, even a human can be called a system, such systems tend to build up entropy, better known as chaos. In order for the system to get rid of the chaos and bring order, the systems will have to dissipate such chaos taking it out from the system. But what happens exactly when the system fills with so much entropy and there is no possible way to dissipate that chaos anymore. This is called bifurcation point. This is where 1 of 2 things will happen: The system evolving process begins in order to dissipate the amount of entropy inside of it growing to a larger order or simply it dies in other words stays with the amount of buildup chaos and cease to be functional. Due to this finding is safe to say that order comes directly from chaos. Without the chaos the system would never saturate and therefore there would not be any possible growing situation just an eternal dissipation activity of entropy. This is the universe somehow pushing us towards a growth, the universe constant on sending us chaos seeks that the systems “level up”. Making a reference towards the humane path Diego exposes that somehow the lives of all individuals tend to act as open systems where “peak traffic chaos hours” metaphorically speaking, exist. And the way to take out such chaos out from within is seeking distractions or exits that allow to bring order to the system.That may include drinking, smoking, movies, books etc. Statements such as nagging etc. The way on dissipating such chaos matters, and another perspective on how dissipating entropy can be achieved and growing to a larger system that handles more chaos has to do with changing belief, simply the ways the individuals tend to think about certain situations and changing the perspective of such. Questioning everything, evaluating how life is with these changed beliefs with the possibility of bringing even more chaos to the mind. Reflecting personally on the exposed information I concluded the objective questioning of my behavior and the direct constructive feedback is the path to build a better system that can handle more chaos in a constant evolving cycle. Always evaluating what works in my system that might not directly work in other open systems. In my time during Proakatemia I have experienced a point of bifurcation and I personally think Avanteam went through it having the famous transition to online studies due to the current novel Coronavirus situation. Managing this type of happening made me grow and change my beliefs towards distance working and the reach it could have. Breaking my mistaken opinionated beliefs towards the effectiveness of working from home over distance platforms such as Zoom, Teams etc.: growing to a bigger open system. Embracing change. I decide to create my own beliefs based on my questioning and the relevant opinions of people who would like to see me succeed.
“I wish you more chaos than you can handle” (Dreyfus, 2015)
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