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Tour de Virtual Reality

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Well known futurist Thomas Frey once said:

“If you change your vision of the future, you will also change the way you make decisions today.”

This coming from a famous “architect of the future” proves that there is a lot of value in this statement. Not only the future of digital technology but at the same time the future of education, 3D design, healthcare, real estate and so much more. Changing our daily actions step by step towards developing technologies, will result in an overall exponential growth in the tech industry.

Virtual Reality is a headset technology taking you to digital dimension that completely cuts out the real world and takes you into an immersive, interactive world of your choice. Connected to this headset are controllers linked to your hands. In this digital dimension, you have options of different worlds you wish to travel to and in these worlds, you can explore by walking through different sceneries, interacting with different pieces, devices and gadgets all created by 3D tech and video engine software.


Trends Virtual Reality has shown during 2022:

Although VR has a lot of potential, it has been tricky to sell the idea to the public, as the everyday consumer is quite sceptical about this new, mind-blowing concept. There is a lack of access, knowledge and awareness of what this technology potentially holds for the future. There are a few recent trends to keep an eye on regarding VR development in 2022, these are:

  1. An increase in business applications.

The common misconception of VR headsets is that they are mainly used for gaming, but this has certainly changed. It is a major benefit for companies, globally. Current trendy uses for VR headsets in corporate life include training, online collabs, testing and prototypes, but of course there is much more use for these headsets outside of these categories too. Many of these assets are still in development and the result will be major.


  1. Larger user interaction

There are a few things such a lack of access and expensive equipment that has held a lot of potential users back from investing, but that has been starting to change. Virtual Reality is now more associated with something trendy and cool which is generally a positive thing for businesses. Surveys about relevance of this technology in work life has resulted in more votes for than against.


  1. Huge advancements in the hardware

Articles and information about these developing technologies have recently been promoting how much cheaper, stronger and suitable these headsets have become. Currently the cheapest headset on the market is the Oculus Quest 2, which in Finland costs only 499EUR.


  1. Growth is more accessible than ever

This tech has advanced a lot to an extent that it has become easier for businesses to innovate VR solutions and it is only becoming easier as time passes. The amount of development enterprises are growing each year, this means that collaborating with top VR enterprises for creating applications, are very accessible with reasonable pricing. This results in developers having the ability to work much more effectively due to the type of tools available to them. For example: Unreal Engine 5 has created support for OpenXR, which is a foundation for growing apps in many VR platforms at the same time.


  1. An increase in personalized VR services

Above mentioned, we discussed how VR is assisting companies in their internal processes, but they are also assisting with company profitability. A contemporary market of VR related services is launching, with trendsetters in this industry having a huge chance to profit.

Industries implementing VR technologies in 2022

While we are on the topic of rising trends, lets take a look at current industries that are exploring and implementing VR related technologies.

Starting of with the world of entertainment, it is quite obvious to assume that this technology has created a huge buzz around the gaming community. This has become a huge industry for VR technologies to find their feet, this can be supported by looking at the internet or console gaming. Related to entertainment, VR is already setting its base in the movie theatre industry.

The Automotive world is the next competitor for VR tech. It allows this industry to do research about multiple road conditions and collect data about general traffic related topics.

The third world worth taking a look at is the Military industry. VR is currently being used in training soldiers in stimulating experiences related to violence and fighting. This is much safer and more cost effective than actual trainings.

Fourthly we have Education as an industry. Even though there has been a lot of resistance for the education industry to adapt to new technologies, VR has been proven to stand as a useful tool. It is a quite mind-blowing concept that multiple sectors are able to provide an educational platform for any adult.

5th is the world of Retail. With a lot of talk about the metaverse, the concept of online shopping is changing as a whole. VR shopping dimensions will be soon allowing customers to have a visual example of how clothes fit on them before they have to decide whether to purchase it. This reduces a huge carbon footprint that the fashion industry is responsible for.




It is utterly important for us as entrepreneurs to start exploring this topic more in depth and to get up to date with the implementation of Virtual Reality technologies in order for us to stay up to date with the current high paced economy. The potential opportunities that these technologies hold are surreal and the sooner we act on it the better. The metaverse and Virtual Reality is here to stay.



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    It was great to know VR is used in so many industries that I didn’t expect. As you got to be more interested in VR, and after purchasing it, how has it been affecting you? What kind of changes have you experienced when it comes to making a decision?

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