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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work Part 2 

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work Part 2 



Jobs That AI Will Not Takeover 


While there is a lot of jobs that AI is becoming a big threat for there is still also a lot of professions where AI will not be affecting or at least won’t take the job away. In these jobs the humans can of course take advantage of AI and use it as a help in the job but the job probably won’t be taken away by AI in the near future.  



AI has already been taken to use in classrooms to help generate little small tasks for students and it can also be used to guide small-group interactions. But AI still wont take the whole job of teaching students, AI is not capable of connecting with the students in a mental way and it is not able to build the trust and real relationship with the student which can also be seen as a really important part of learning and growing up in school. (Matthew Urwin) 


The work that therapist’s perform is in a really close contact with the patient that they have. The therapist is forming a real relationship with all of the clients that they have and also listen to all the problems that the patient has and that way they try to help the patient in the best possible way. Artificial intelligence is not able to feel any kind of empathy towards the patient or give them any kind of support to their problems which is also the reason that AI will not likely take over the jobs of therapist’s in the near future. (Matthew Urwin) 


HR Specialist 

HR Specialist’s take care of many important things inside a company such as job interviews, solving problems between workers and recruiting for example. These interactions rely on a lot of human interactions and they can not be done without human interactions at the moment. For example, AI is of course capable of looking at someone’s CV and competences to see if they are valid for a job or not, but AI is not able to actually look and see the type of person that is applying for a job so they also can not know if the person really is a good fit for the job or if they’re not a great fit to it. (Matthew Urwin) 



One field that AI will definitely not be a threat for in a while is the handy jobs. For example, plumbers, electricians or asphalt workers. These kind of jobs require a huge amount of manual labor and that is something that AI is not capable of. (Matthew Urwin) 




After taking a look at all of this information it is clear that while AI is becoming a big threat for a big amount of jobs in the world in the upcoming years it will still have places and jobs that will not be affected by it or at least not affected by it yet. On top of that while AI is going to take a lot of jobs from people, it has already been discussed and calculated that in the same time AI will also be generating more jobs for people, which can be seen as a really positive thing when talking about it. AI is becoming to replace jobs that have a lot of thinking in it and in those it is known that AI is capable to do those jobs faster than a real human could. This can be seen as a reason why companies are becoming to replace people with the computers, since the work can become a lot faster by using computers while in the same time the cost of the work will be coming down with it.  





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