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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work Part 1 

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work Part 1 

Artficial Intelligence has been taking over the world during the last few years, and It is being said that AI might take over millions of jobs from people in the upcoming years. It is clear that AI is one of the most essential technologies in the world right now. It is predicted that AI will have an impact on the work of over 90 million people. AI is already part of our daily lives and that way also influencing in a lot of ways in our daily lives. According to studies it has been noticed that the usage of Artificial Intelligence has increased in some commercial areas by 270% in the las´t four years. This shows the popularity of AI nowadays but it also shows that companies actually take use of AI in their daily business life. AI has been causing a lot of stress in people because they are constantly being reminded and warned about AI possibly taking their job, this can be a bad thing for companies if it starts to effect for example the productivity or motivation of their employees.  For example during Covid-19 AI was taking over more and more of jobs by replacing people with the computers. One commercial area that AI has already had an impact on is machinery, more than 2 million people can be replaced by the end of 2025 in manufacturing according to Daron Acemoglu from the Boston University. Statistics like these also give people a reason to be afraid of losing their work, when AI is already starting to take a lot of jobs and just keeps doing it more and more when time goes by.  (AI Bees) 


Jobs that AI is a threat for 


Artificial intelligence is set to cut a lot of jobs in the future. A lot of experts are predicting that many professions will be completely automated in the next 5 to 10 years. While it is quite scary for people to think about how many jobs will AI be taking over, it is also calculated that while it will cut jobs from the working world it will also be creating more jobs but the jobs are just different than the ones that it is taking over. And if the calculations of the experts are coming true, AI will actually create more jobs than it is taking over. Below is a short list of jobs that AI will potentially take over. (Urwin 2023.)  


Customer Service Representative 

At the moment a lot of times customer service is done by actual people and there is even companies that offer just customer service for other companies. Some companies are leaning towards the method of people doing their customer service, but in the future some companies will definitely be switching to AI taking care of their customer service. There is already companies doing it for example the using of chat bots etc. And the usage of those will probably just rise when time goes by. The bots are slowly becoming able to handle more of the customer service tasks and able to ask more questions, which makes it even better to use. (Urwin 2023.) 




Financial Trader 

When talking about financial traders, it is known that they have to analyze a lot of the market so they can maximize the profits from their trades. The analyzing can be really hard and sometimes for human eye it is too hard to notice some of the signs that may affect the next move for the trader. AI is a lot faster in analyzing and it can notice even the slightest changes in the market, on top of that AI is also able to predict upcoming market trends and that way it is able to give a lot of important information to the workers while also being more accurate than the human workers. With all these factors weighing on and the hiring cost being a lot lower when using AI may lead to the disappearing of financial traders. (Urwin 2023.) 


Valet parking workers 

Until now hotels and malls etc have been using humans to take care of their valet parking for customers, which means that the customer drives their car to the front of the place they are going to and then they just leave the car for the valet workers who then take the car to the parking lot. Now there are coming up companies that have automated that whole process by using AI and other technologies, this saves money for the companies in the long run when they don’t have to pay the salaries of the valet workers. The companies have built a system where the customer can do everything from their own phone, they drive the car to the front and press park from an application in their phone and then the technology takes care of the parking that used to be done by humans.  


Warehouse workers 

AI is giving companies the ability to work a lot faster in warehouses because they are a lot more faster to do the tasks than a human would be able to do. AI is faster in the using of different machines and it is also a lot more consistent than humans are. Which makes the working in the warehouse quicker and more reliable.  The logistic companies are also less dependent on the human workers in the warehouse, and this leads to things working faster and easier. (Urwin 2023.) 





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