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The 4 disciplines of execution

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This book is a strategic book about management specifically when it comes to start ups and companies which are developing rapidly and they may not have any time for managing their efficiency. Likewise, this could also be apply to individual people life style and specifically for people who are thirsty of expanding their knowledge and they do multitasking during the day or week.

‘4 discipline of execution’ is for raising your focus only by doing one thing at the time and eliminating all other tasks. Therefore the very first thing that everyone should come up with, is choosing the most important goal over all other goals and wishes, this is called Wildly Important Goal (WIG). Although that doesn’t mean eliminating all other goals for ever, but focusing one at the time. This is also important to note that daily tasks or urgent priorities tasks cannot be consider as WIG.

This is more problematic in the scale of companies or start up, while the leader of company are usually ambitious people and they tend to look for the next good idea every day and therefore drag their team into a hole of good ideas. Instead, choose one idea and focus over it and implement it with highest quality and diligence possible.

The WIG can be either assigned to fixing something in your company that doesn’t properly functioning or it can be assigned to setting of a new strategy or a new product or service that you are aiming to launch.

Next is about setting activities that can be a measure of your rate achievement, these activities are controllable and tracking them in long run can assure you of a success. For instance, your WIG might be to gain muscles, therefore the activities that can be measure that raise your success is the number of times that you go to gym every week or the amount of protein that you eat every day.

Making a scoreboard that demonstrate your progress for your team is quite essential as it will engage your team to the spirit of wining, therefore it is necessary to keep track and plot the activities every week. You must review your activities and scoreboard every week. If there is a team in a company, then they should set a meeting to review activities and give score, it is important that every member knows what is their current activities and what would be the next activity base on the scoreboard. Here the leader of the team has the role to clear the path for the team, in this case all member of the team feel engage in the activities while they can track how far they are from the main goal. This engagement provides the motives for the team and the company.



  • Joonas Koivumaa

    Little short. You could expand this thinking more and add some diagram of WIG for example to open it up. It would require also some sum up.

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