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Nicole Marchant, Javier Yoma, Ignacia Perez-Carvallo: Teamwork, friendship and entrepreneurship

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Teamwork, friendship and entrepreneurship

by Nicole Marchant, Javier Yoma, Ignacia Perez-Carvallo

We start this adventure with our 24 teammates where the only thing that we had in
common was a career. We all knew that we had a long road to travel and we shared
happiness and the excitement to get to Proakatemia.

The days passing by, we created a bond with each other called friendship, we called
it “La Familia” more like “the family”. Through this road we have had a few moments
of happiness and other moments were complicated because some of our teammates
got sick, but the most important thing is that we knew how to solve it together as a
family. We never knew that we could make so many good friendships between us in
this trip and that is something that we all are grateful for.

We have been sharing this few weeks with our finland teams and it has been a big
challenge for us, and, in the other hand, it has been a wonderful experience. The
team work inside Proakatemia it is very powerful, thanks to this we had the
opportunity to learn different things about them and how they do things. One of the
things that we have been learning is about the importance of trust inside the teams,
due to that if everyone trust each other their team projects develop much better and
they go through that supporting each other. Also, they support each other with
personal stuff, this is something that we are going to keep forever, because even
though not all of the team members are friends, exist and unconditional support
inside the groups. It exist cooperation all the time through their work that makes a
much bigger value instead of working individually.

The level of commitment of every member in their team and with themselfs it is
admirable. the groups that has strong relations have had better outcomes inside their
projects since they are more consolidated at the moment of work.

In Chile we are used to a different method of teaching where we study day a day in a
classroom to learn the theory, and here we learn to have self motivation to work and
learn that every student here develops and learn by themself and not for obligation
just because they want to.

Here we can find a different vision, where Proakatemia looks for the student to
develop their own features and skills by self-knowledge and then with this try to
everyone can contribute the best way possible and be fundamental inside every

Finally, the days were passing and we had the opportunity of getting to know each
other and we created strong bonds with some mates like Jasmeet, Petteri and

We interview different students from our group about what they lived with this trip
and also how their teamwork was in their different groups

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