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Story of Patagonia

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Let my people go surfing – The Education of a Reluctant Businessman
Yvon Chouinard
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The humble company of Patagonia. Patagonia as a clothing company is really unique. Patagonia has taken a really awesome approach towards consumers with a lot better sustainability than usual big clothing brands, transparent plan about their future, are transparent also about their products which is quite cool and also they update their progression really actively to their social media and on their web site. Their website is really cool it is worth watching in case you’re reading this essay. So now Patagonia is already a brand but where it comes from where is it based on? In Yvon´s book, Yvon goes to the very roots of his path on how he got interested in climbing through his falconry club in California. The book starts with the really humble beginning of Yvon’s childhood. Yvon never really fitted the ordinary school system and was really enthusiastic about nature. in school, he had a really hard time and even escaped few times. In high school when Yvon was in the falconry club, they had to rappel to the falcon aeries and they had to climb down some really hard places sometimes Yvon liked it a lot and trained a lot he started to develop his own equipment and started to experiment different kinds of rappelling clothes. After graduating high school Yvon met a group of friends in Tahquitz that were also interested in climbing and eventually they moved closer to the bigger mountains of Yosemite. After moving to Yosemite Yvon really showed his entrepreneurial self-employment when he went to the junkyard and bought some black sitting tools to create his own climbing equipment. He started to teach himself how to blacksmith and slowly started his business and started to make his own hand-forged pitons that he started to sell from the back of his car. After discharged from the army in 1964 Yvon and his friend Tom Frost put their heads together to form up a company called Chouinard Equipment. Yvon was a hardworking man and was enthusiastic about the passion he had. He did the steel pitons himself and blacksmithing is no light job. In 1968 Yvon met his future wife of course Yvon got straight away interested because Malinda was also a climber herself too. In 70´Yvon started to take a little bit of interest in clothing also. He was visiting Scotland he bought a rugby shirt and had an idea that the shirt would work also in the climbing. He ordered some and the shirts were sold off straight away so he noticed that this could be a way to support the hardware business. They continued the clothing business but faced problems with it in 74´ they tried to order some clothes from Hongkong but it turned out to be a disaster and Yvon and Frost quickly noticed that the clothing business is a lot different from the blacksmith business. In 79´Yvon got enough of the business and wanted to go surf and bouldering he said to Kris McDivitt Tompkins this: Here´s Patagonia. Here´s Chouinard Equipment do with them what you will. I will go climbing”. And so Kris took on Patagonia and ran the company until 94´ She retired with style also move to South America with Doug Tompkins where they bought 2.2 million acres of wilderness park in Chile and Argentina with is really cool it shows that Kris also had the same values as Yvon had right from the start the closer to nature the better. To me personally, this story was really good and I really have to say that I enjoyed this book the visuals of the book were great and the story of Yvon to me is really inspiring since I´m not that good in school either.

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