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Should I be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Kirjoittanut: Markus Tervo - tiimistä Samoa.

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Should I be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?




Today’s world is surrounded by numerous different variations of technology to help our daily tasks but also to improve mankind’s possibilities to a whole new level. Everything we do have probably something to do with a device or connection to somewhere. Why there needs to be continuing need to improve every aspect of our lives technologically when some of the most crucial basic things ain`t right. On the other hand. Technology is awesome and has helped a lot, for example our age prediction has raised, and world has mostly changed to safer place, or is it? This subject is really challenging, if you want to create a clear opinion, there`s always something that pops up and changes your previous thoughts. Maybe you just need to accept certain things and for the rest; do what satisfies you the most.




How it affects our learning?


Most of us average something around 3-6 hours screen time per day. That`s a lot. Is there a certain limit that our brain can process data and then be less productive? Especially in the busy business world it`s hard to find even small gaps in a day for a quick pause without any device, just your own thoughts. Somewhere deeper in our own mind must be an area that includes limits for productivity and creativity. All in all, have humans turned into a lazy and comfort seeking beings? We can buy all our solutions with money that we can`t even see, there is no need for constant thinking like there used to be. A while ago at least Finnish people survived with handmade things, your own creations took responsibility of your wellbeing. In other words, it wasn`t a choice it was a way of life.



Ichigo Ichie


Each moment in your life is unique and wont never appear in the same way. That is how Japanese saying “Ichigo Ichie” is translated to English. When trying to find your inner peace and appreciate moments beauty it is important to avoid all other distractions. Such normal things as; looking at your phone for no reason at all, trying to multitask and then quality of your work sucks and listening several devices beeping at the same time. Distraction can be tidy, but it still takes your thoughts away and maybe stops your ongoing work. Life is more enjoyable with Ichigo Ichie moments and someway a pursued lifestyle.



What separates us from computers is the skill to enjoy the life and edit it to match our own goals and needs. Artificial Intelligence is for sure a massive thing for us; we just need to build it straight for our needs, not for computer-based needs only. Learning and feeling what you get from a specific moment, have always been things that support our health in every aspect. We should stick with them and use A.I with a purpose of developing our own understanding of life and it`s different sides. You should be more scared about your own lifestyle choices than Artificial Intelligence.

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