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Podcast: Lean Philosophy

Kirjoittanut: Mika Nurmi - tiimistä Promisia.

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This is Lean: Resolving the Efficiency Paradox
Niklas Modig
Pär Åhlström
Esseen arvioitu lukuaika on 2 minuuttia.

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Lean philosophy -podcast by Jesse Pihkanen, Mika Nurmi, Noora-Emilia Hassinen & Annika Äijälä

What we learned about doing the podcast about the lean philosophy? Well, let’s start from the beginning. We got an assignment for the English course and we needed to do our own podcast. Jesse, Annika, Noora-Emilia, and Mika were sort of leftovers and we grouped up. We did the podcast just before the deadline because of all of our schedules did not connect well. We had an idea that we could do the podcast about the lean philosophy, since I had some background studying and digging deeper into that. So we agreed to do a quick crash course in a lean philosophy and the digital customer journey.

We noticed that lean is a way of implementing new ideas into practice quickly. You could say “test fast, fail fast” without any major costs. Simplify is the keyword in lean. Understanding lean you can simplify things and test them out which one works the best. For example in the digital customer journey usually, the best web stores are the easiest to use. For example too complex purchase road will end up you losing the customer due lack of interest and time. One crucial thing to learn is also the data. Test and error are a big thing but if you do not gain anything from the previous errors you just waste your time. By using the data available you can make your routes shorter and more efficient. Also, a point we took was that mockup is great way to test out your product or service. A mockup is like an early test version. For example for the apps, you can just draw the pages and functions on different papers. What happens when you click this and what happens if you click that. Then a new paper shows the new page where the customer lands.

Overall we learned some good tricks and tips to use in our next projects especially if they are connected with the digital customer journey.



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