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Overcoming Challenges

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Life is an unpredictable journey. We often come across challenges which are quite difficult and the most important things of our lives are at stake. Everyone has had their own experiences in overcoming challenges. Our previous challenges shape our character and are responsible for what we are today. Jeanette Wall shares quite a similar story of her in “The Glass Castle” where she tells us about her own life from when she was young and how she faced all the challenges which a poor kid would and still made a life she would want to live in. The story has emotional and psychological essence and shows the spirit it took for her to overcome her challenges.

What are the Challenges?

Challenges can be in any form, may it be physical, personal, professional or emotional, they all are equally challenging. Challenges are seen as obstacles which obstruct our progress and shake our foundations. However, in the long term, challenges help us become strangers and give us lifelong experiences. No matter how we live, everyone faces challenges in their way. 

In the book “The Glass Castle,” Ms Walls talks about her childhood which was full of poverty and instability. Her parents had an erratic behaviour and they kept shifting very often. The Walls family faced challenges which were very emotional and psychological. The story provides a powerful lens which shows us the impact of decisions, and not giving up, has on someone’s life.

Dealing with challenges

Overcoming Challenges is not as simple as it sounds. They bring out the worst in you and test you in the most unexpected ways. However, there are some ways one can overcome challenges. Firstly, you can always have someone to look up to. It could be your family, your teachers, advisors, health organizations and friends. Talking with someone gives you a genuine solution from someone who could have experienced something similar or is good at the challenge you are facing. Secondly, you can give yourself enough time to think. You should talk all of your time to figure out what you feel and what you think should be done. Going around for a walk in nature, or joining a hobby can help you feel confident and spend some time with yourselves. 

Personal Growth Before Any Challenge

One must not wait for a challenge to arrive but must be prepared for one since you face challenges when you have least expected them. So, there are a few steps you can take to manage challenges efficiently. Firstly, you must have flexibility in your life. You should not be dependent on anyone and make them the centre of your life. Making something your life centre gives them the power to control your life, giving them the driver’s seat in your journey. Secondly, you must take care of your mental, physical, social, spiritual and financial health. If you lack in any of these, you are more likely to face challenges in those aspects. Maintaining a positive mindset towards any problem you face encourages you to search for solutions eagerly. Lastly, throughout your entire life, you must keep the big picture in mind which gives you more than one perspective of the issue you are dealing with.

Cons of Challenges

Challenges do not always lead to success. It might be hard to picture it, but if some challenges are not dealt with the right way, you could lose your assets, money, health or something more important to you. Challenges affect your smooth-flowing life bringing in the irregularities and storms of conflicts. One might suffer from mental unhealthiness while dealing with challenges. They affect your schedule, sleeping time, attitude, optimism, motivations and ideology. Challenges often arrive when you are the loneliest and you are the only one to help yourself. They are time and energy consuming which take all of your attention away from the things you should be focusing on. 

Pros of Challenges

Challenges might sound harmful but most of them come with benefits. They open your way of thinking in several ways. They force you to get creative and find ways to deal with different problems, this process develops many life skills such as problem-solving, time management leadership, and planning. Challenges make you stronger by forcing you to get out of your comfort zone. They also test your commitment towards the goal you are aiming for. Challenges increase your confidence and educate you on the topic. 


Overall, challenges are a part of our life and everyone faces challenges. They might feel to last forever but everything fades away slowly. Rather they make you stronger and keep you updated. They are more like exercises you need to get better every time and come out as the best version of yourself. The book ‘The Glass Castle’ excellently shows how someone can overcome any challenge if they have the strong motivation and courage to achieve the goal they have aimed for. As Molière states, “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it,” challenges allow us to celebrate success, for challenges, provide failures and success, and success is nothing without failures.


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