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Authors: Oshadi Mohottiarachchi, Viragi Gunasekara


Online communication has totally transformed how we engage and connect with others in our professional as well as our personal lives. Online communication is possible using a variety of platforms and techniques, including video conferencing and instant messaging. The global pandemic has sped up the shift to virtual forms of connection and highlighted how useful they are in many different companies. This essay explores the world of internet communication, weighs its benefits and drawbacks, and focuses on how it has affected businesses in these ground-breaking times.


Communication over the internet refers to a form of interpersonal interaction where participants engage through the Internet. Online communication refers to any approach of communication that makes use of the Internet. Internet communication has emerged as an essential part of modern-day society (Tiwari 2022). Online communication has grown to be important when getting along with friends, family, and coworkers. Online communication has numerous benefits, including convenience of utilization, rapid response times, and confidentiality. People suggest that it has influenced how we communicate and facilitated interpersonal connections. Many individuals think that the global community has grown significantly smaller as a consequence of online communication (Bhasin 2021). The procedure of computer-mediated communication (CMC) that occurs by means of the Internet or other forms of digital media is commonly referred to as online communication. More people are making use of the strength of online communication as a result of the advancement of the digital world. In this regard, CMC can assist individuals with enhancing their relationships by fulfilling necessities like cooperation, support, and collaboration. Additionally, CMC has proven advantageous for companies and organizations since it gives them the chance to connect with a broader demographic (Tiwari 2022).


A firm, organization, its team members, management team, etc. may use numerous online communication platforms for a variety of purposes. There are numerous internet communication channels which are being used for many different reasons and each has positive and negative aspects. Email, social networking sites, instant messaging, and phone are some instances of typical online communication channels (Burning 2022). The oldest and still most popular method of online communication is email. Depending on the circumstance, different people are going to utilize different communication methods that they personally desire. Chatting is a preferred method of communication for particular individuals since it is easy and quick to use. Chatting can be performed via a number of platforms, including Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Viber. (2022 Tiwari). Additionally, some businesses use cutting-edge communication tools like Zoom, Google Chat, and Slack. These tools offer a more productive atmosphere and can increase efficiency. All of them are gaining popularity rapidly. Although Slack is free to use, there are daily message limitations. On both desktop and mobile devices, chat programs like Slack and Google Chat are capable of being used. These systems provide flexibility and speed that email communication may lack. They enable it to be feasible for businesses to get in connection with coworkers regardless of the world immediately and easily. They can also be used to distribute presentations and papers among team members. (Peleg 2022).


Online business and communication are become intertwined. With the constantly changing technological surroundings, the way clients connect with entities has undergone a significant transformation. To adapt to the needs of the digital world, businesses had to adjust the way they communicate. Nowadays, customers expect to be accessible to reach businesses anytime and anywhere. The Internet and digital devices enable companies worldwide to access a global market. Since it is so simple to share information, consumers are now more informed, and businesses now have to compete with customers who are more informed. It seems unlikely that the trend toward digitization will come to an end any time soon. Recent years have seen a significant change in the ways people communicate at work, with voice-over-IP phone, instant messaging, and email increasingly frequently employed in addition to or as a substitute for physical meetings. (Chandana 2021).


Due to the epidemic, online communication has grown in popularity as it is now more quickly and easily accessible. People used direct communication in the early stages of the global outbreak to stay in touch with relatives and close friends. The pandemic had a significant impact on the manner in which both individuals and organizations communicated and worked collaboratively (DeFilippis et. al 2022). Individuals’ regular lives were interrupted since they were unable to travel, work, or socialize as usual. In addition, the pandemic produced a detrimental effect on teamwork and communication technological advances. For instance, the amount of users utilizing the popular messaging app WhatsApp exploded by 60% worldwide (Pew Research Center, 2021). Additionally, educators are conducting studies and attempting to pinpoint the best ways to educate schoolchildren in virtual communication all throughout the pandemic. Furthermore, they have utilized a variety of interactive tools, including as Zoom, Teams, WebX, and a number of others, which permit two-way communication and/or connection between users and ought to be used as frequently as possible. These particular types of apps may provide the students practice for communicating with people in person and enhance their level of familiarity with technology. Students can utilize these apps even when they are not in the same physical location since many of them can be used for other purposes as well, such project teamwork. The pandemic has caused us to reevaluate our approach to learning and interpersonal relationships. Many educators employ techniques to guide students in recognizing and cultivating their ability to interact with others. Early social skill development is crucial because it enables you to get involved in social interactions, make friends, and contribute to groups. They also assist you in understanding and adhering to norms, sharing, and feeling at ease in novel circumstances and with novel people. (Westgarth 2021)

With this pandemic, internet usage has gone through an important evolution. The outcomes of an up-to-date investigation of US adults conducted Pew Research Center, published April 12–18, 2021, demonstrate how people’s use of the Internet has changed, the importance that technology has become towards them, and their perspectives on the obstacles that some have encountered. According to the survey, the vast majority of respondents (90%) agree that during the pandemic, the Internet was possibly personally crucial to them. 58% of those surveyed believe it to be vital, a modest increase from 53% in April 2020. In the past year, there has also been a rise in the proportion of people who feel the Internet is crucial among those with a bachelor’s degree or a more formal degree. education, people over 65, and people under 30. Using technology during the epidemic hasn’t always been simple or convenient for some Americans. The epidemic brought to light the cost and usage gaps in the digital divide and revealed new trends as life moved online. Connecting to the Internet was challenging for some people and more expensive for others. Technology has become a key part of many Americans’ life, but it’s uncertain how the epidemic will affect it. According to one study, participants who lost Internet access due to the pandemic had between 75% and 83% worse mental health outcomes. The study also discovered that people who lost Internet connectivity had a weaker social support system, a weaker sense of community, and less access to basic services. Some people who lost internet access were also unable to work or participate in their preferred activities. (Pew Research Center, 2021)



Online communication has the benefit of being available around-the-clock for clients, colleagues, and partners. Businesses can maximize their interactions because there is always access to so much information. Businesses may engage with clients and staff members whenever they want, from any location thanks to an online presence. As a result, communication is more effective, less time is lost due to misconceptions or miscommunications, problems are resolved more quickly, and productivity is increased. Additionally, Internet communication has made it possible for businesses to respond to the constantly shifting needs of their clients and workers. (Stefan 2022)

Your capacity to communicate from any device is a huge benefit, similar to 24/7 availability. wherever, whenever. With this kind of accessibility, you can quickly communicate with your clients and staff and address their questions and concerns. Additionally, you can keep working when on vacation or during lunch. You can always get in touch with your team by phone or through alternative channels like instant messaging if you can’t access your work email. Additionally, regardless of the time zone, you will be able to stay in touch with your family, friends, and coworkers. Additionally, you can conduct business with your clients or coworkers without being there when you use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. The capacity to communicate more effectively is a big benefit for the modern businessman. (Stefan 2022)

Online communication is more economical than in-person gatherings. Cost of transportation and lodging. Everyone cannot go great distances for an hour-long meeting since time equals money. Additionally, there are time zones to take into account. All of these issues are resolved by online dialogue. Meeting someone on the opposite side of the world may be arranged in a matter of minutes, and it won’t break the bank. People may need to travel from out of state if it’s an important conference, which might be costly. Additionally, finding a location where the group may stay may be necessary and expensive. A computer, which the majority of people have, and an internet connection are all that are required for an online meeting, though. This drastically lowers the cost. Then there is occasionally a language barrier. Thus, getting a professional opinion online is simple, quick, and affordable. Additionally, you can locate specialists anywhere in the world to consult. You are not constrained by location. (Stefan 2022)

Online communication enhances communication quality by increasing user control, convenience, and security. The development of information technology has made it easier for numerous people to communicate with one another. There are two types of interpersonal communication: two-way and one-way. In a two-way interaction, both parties can see, hear, and communicate with one another, whereas in a one-way interaction, only the sender and receiver can see or hear one another (Stefan, 2022). Additionally, availability, scalability, voice quality, and video quality. The benefit is that people can communicate utilizing easily accessible gadgets that enable mobile, easy, and economical communication possible. This makes it possible for people to communicate with people who are located elsewhere. If you are not a native speaker, you can also get assistance from a dictionary, the Internet, or a friend. This facilitates conversation and enhances your language proficiency, communication skills, and capacity for comprehending the viewpoints of others. (ezTalks, 2022).

The simplicity of online communication when it comes to prioritizing your job, which enhances time management and productivity, is another advantage that is frequently ignored. When you can view everything in one location on your computer, phone, or tablet, it’s really simple to stay on top of what has to be done. You may quickly set up notifications on various websites you frequent for certain keywords or send emails to your phone. Additionally, you can view the date and remaining time for a project. You may do more because of this and manage your day, week, or month more effectively. (Stefan 2022)


The necessity for Internet access is the most evident drawback of basing your business strategy on online communications. This entails visiting internet cafés or having access to the internet at home or at work. Both the inconvenience and the cost of this might be high. Additionally, there are security dangers. For instance, if your business relies on stock trading, you might not want to give out your login details. A network setup at home is an alternative, but it can be challenging and time-consuming. Businesses must, for the most part, be online to survive. Your customers won’t be able to purchase your products or services from you if you have no access to an internet connection. Additionally, clients may reside in regions with pricey or poor Internet service. This may make it difficult for you to place product orders, receive them, and reply to consumer enquiries. It may also result in revenue losses and cause your business to go completely out of business. (Stefan 2022)

The lack of physical presence and contact is another drawback of relying and prioritizing online communication. It might be difficult to relate to or understand someone without their nonverbal signs. Furthermore, it can be challenging to forge and maintain a friendship online because it is challenging to get to know someone without having a face-to-face encounter. We require physical contact in addition to communication in order to establish and maintain connections with people. This physical contact not only solidifies the bond between the two people but also expresses emotions that words are unable convey. For instance, hugging someone might express our sadness in a way that cannot be expressed through words. Additionally, spending too much time online might make people feel lonely and isolated from others. It’s amazing to be able to communicate with anyone at any time in the online world. However, trust can be challenging to establish without a physical connection. For instance, in a professional setting, a client or employer could feel more at ease dealing with someone in person rather than online. (Stefan 2022)

The primary drawback of online communication, aside from technological difficulties, is the amount of time you must wait for a response. This is due to the fact that online communication relies primarily on technology, which can be interrupted or slowed down for a variety of reasons, unlike face-to-face contact, where both participants are actively engaged in the conversation. Additionally, email and instant messaging are speedy forms of contact, but occasionally you may wait hours or even days for a response. If you’re attempting to develop a relationship with someone or you just need a speedy response, this can be difficult. If you’re attempting to conduct a conversation that’s essential to you, response lag can also be a problem. Making a purchase or setting up a meeting can sometimes be a challenge. (Stefan 2022)


Both pros and disadvantages are numerous. Online communication has grown significantly over the last few years and now includes many different channels. It is increasingly becoming a necessary component of everyone’s daily life. We have to discover how to use this modern technology for the betterment of ourselves as students and as entrepreneurs. You can gain many benefits and disregard any potential drawbacks if you use internet communication wisely. ( Bashin 2021)




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