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Mökkipaja feelings

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Mökkipaja feelings


Mökkipaja, thoughts after the very first mökkipaja with my team. Every semester for the following three years we must as a team organize paja that is in a cabin or something similar. For three days we have to be in a cabin with each other and share stories, it sounds very cosy. I believe that an experience like that gives the team better understanding of one and other on a deeper level. When having a better understanding of teammates, we can find ways to understand why they react a certain way to things.

My experience in our first mökkipaja was positive and I learned more about my beautiful team members. I remember going into the week thinking that this will be the dumbest thing I’ll ever do in as a student. Maybe that’s because my mindset has also been that I just trying to survive all the school related stuff and after school hours I can start to think more about that I’m interested in. However, my mindset has changed after the first semester when I realised what I was going into. Looking back at the three days we spent with each other’s and seeing where we are standing now a I can see a big improvement; we are a lot closer and with each other and are more comfortable to share what’s on our minds. Fun to hear other’s backgrounds and why they behave in a certain way.

I believe that mökkipaja has a very good impact on our team and gives us more confidence to work together. Mökkipaja me the feeling that we are going to go this together and have support from others, and we realised as a team that we have to start doing or developing the projects we have in our minds. As a teampreneur we cannot think what others think about us if we believe in in what we do then others’ opinions does not matter. One big realisation I made during our three days was that I have to start pushing myself sometimes in the more uncomfortable zone and also be able to execute more. From my early ages I have been very shy but the recent years have given my more confidence and that is what I should develop and I believe that I’m in the right place for that. Confidence is key in everything. When being confidence in uncomfortable situations it gives me power, trust in myself, and belief that I can do almost whatever.

To end this, I can say that mökkipaja overcome me thoughts. I think it is good to have them every now and then. I would still say that not having them every semester, but every other semester would be nice.


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