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KAAOS First mökkipaja

Kirjoittanut: Emilia Laakso - tiimistä Kaaos.

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Every semester we have to have mökkipaja, on week 16 KAAOS had their first mökkipaja ever in a cozy cabin loaced in Ikaalinen.

My experience with mökkipaja was pretty positive. Before ever attending one I always thought it was kind of dumb to go to a cabin to literally just have the same pajas we have in aksu there. But now that I have experienced a mökkipaja I can say differently. It was so great to hear about each team members background and past, it makes me understand them in a more personal way and it makes you understand why a person is/acts the way they do. Looking back a few weeks and comparing them to now I do see a big improvement in our team dynamics.

There were so many good conversations we had during mökkipaja and a lot of the conversations were pretty eye opening and something that I realized was I need to speak more about my own thoughts and opinions.  My team is supportive and sometimes they push me to speak which in the moment I feel awkward about but later on thinking about it I really appreciate them pushing me to talk. Im a pretty shy and introverted person, I feel like mökkipaja made me a bit more open and I can tell that now I feel a little more confident with my team.

Overall, going to mökkipaja I was a bit negative about it but now I feel otherwise. I’m happy with how we improved in such little time.

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