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Mentel Health’s Toll on Gen Z Work Life

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Notes on a Nervous Planet
Matt Haig
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I recently read parts of Matt Haig’s book, Notes on a Nervous Planet, and was inspired to bring to light a more controversial topic. In recent years, mainly focusing on the pandemic era, there has been a spike in mental health diagnoses within generation z, which have also started to affect this current generation’s work ethic and motivation. One shared aspect of Matt Haig’s experience, and gen-z’s experience, is anxiety in the working world. Matt has struggled with anxiety, and now many young adults and teens are struggling with it as well.

This podcast is a reflection on the impact mental health has on the future working generation and how things in the career world are going to shift.

My podcast experience is limited, and this is my first podcast episode without any guests or peers, so please do not have high expectations. Also apologies for the last 5ish minutes of audio, I think there was some technical difficulties with my laptop and a background sound occurred.




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