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Living on the edge

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I’ve always been interested in climbing. When I was younger, I often went out to look for new places to climb, of course without my mom knowing anything about it, sorry ma. I am grateful that I’m still alive. I watched TED-Talk, where Alex Honnold told about his lifestyle as a climber who often does free soloing, climbing without the rope, all by himself. I was inspired to write for you guys, because I have had the same kind of thoughts that Alex had while he was in trouble at the wall.

I remember when I was young and stupid. I found this bomb shelter that was located in Tampere next to Pyhäjärvi. Above the shelter door rose a wall of rock of about 70 meters height that I thought I could climb, so I went for it. The wall Alex was climbing was quite much taller, but his situation was the same I had when he started panicking at the middle of the wall. I was in serious trouble, because I had already climbed maybe 30 meters and I didn’t know what my next move would be. If I fail my next move, I die. I didn’t have my phone on me and nobody even knew I was there.

I learned a lot about myself that day. I love to live on the edge, that is just who I am. When you don’t have any other option than to just survive, you can and will use your full potential. There is only one thing that you should keep in mind when facing moment like this in your life, keep your focus on what you are doing, nothing else. Don’t let fear take control, don’t think what could happen to you if you fail, don’t think extra. Only when you have a clear mind, can you fully control your body.

If you are doing a public speech, you may have these same kind of feelings. Thoughts may come to your mind “What if I lose my word?”, “For sure, they are going to laugh me out of stage.” or “What if I say something that I shouldn’t?”. People often think that something could go wrong. That is normal, I would say. We call that performance stress. I often have it, too, but I also use the knowledge on how to clear your mind, to relieve the stress while performing. It’s not easy at all, but it really helps!

I am very lucky that I didn’t fully lose my nerves when climbing that day, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. I will make a new year’s resolution and pick up a habit of meditation starting 2019 to make my mindset even stronger. Why? Because even though I can currently use the right tools to relieve panic and stress, I haven’t mastered them yet, unless my life is in danger. Guys, remember to enjoy your lives but don’t waste them, you are not immortal.




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