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Janitorial Service as A Team Business Project in Proakatemia

Kirjoittanut: Aileen Marie Flores Nunez - tiimistä Kaaos.

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Janitorial Service as A Team Business Project in Proakatemia


 Yes… That’s right! A total of 810 hours is required to complete one’s project hours for a Proakatemian. This is one of the basic requirements to be able to graduate in Proakatemia. And it needs to be a team business project. What is a team business project? Well, its quite self explanatory, as Proakatemia’s pedagogy, learning by doing in teams, students form in team and come up with a business project. It is a real business project that will generate income and profit but above all, gain business learning experience and teamwork. To elaborate this, as mentioned in an article from Resource Guru, a project team is a group individuals brought together to work on specific project or initiative. The team will include roles needed for project planning, development and implementation. The team members collaborate to achieve as a set of predetermined goals as stated in the project scope. This could be the launch of a product or service, or delivering a new design or feature for a client. The business project team needs to define their goals and set roles and responsibilities. Anyone could lead, but one can be decided as a project business lead. The project outcome could be going good as the team that works on it. This is the most challenging part of being a Proakatemian.


Since it’s my second year now, it is already high time to get serious in doing team business projects. Business project ideation and brainstorming were done during our pajas. And came the opportunity to apply for the janitorial team. Janitorial Team Service may never mean so much for Proakatemians who never been doing so as a team business project or never been quite curious how Proakatemia works as a community. I myself is one of those before. I heard about it but never bothered to find out what they are for and how they serve the community and run as a team business project, and why important to have one. So long as I was able to sip my tea or coffee during our break, then that was it.


As we need a business project, it was then I became curious about it and considering for a team project, although I wasn’t aware of the details that time. So it started with little inquiry and team discussion for a possibility to apply for it. So things went by from inquiry to application process and selection and then start of Kaaos Team as the Janitor team for Spring 2024 which runs from January 8 – July 31, 2024. I have thoroughly mentioned in my other essay how the application was done and how we started to serve.


I have taken this as one of my essay entry because for me it would be quite helpful for everyone how the Janitorial team can be a great business project, valuable way for learning, experiencing team spirit , easy way to get the project hours and a way to gain profit there! Having a coffee break is one of the perks of Proakatemia’s daily routine. It is also the best time to discuss some business ideas and projects and a fantastic way to get connection and networks. So, provision of coffee and milk and preparation is one of the responsibilities for any janitorial team, however its every Proakatemian’s responsibility too. If you are not much aware how Janitorial Team is considered as a team business projects and how it support the community, here are the 10 general facts and info about the Janitorial Team Service for this Spring Semester (Jan-July 2024). Below information are posted in the team channel too.


10 Things to know about Janitorial Service in Proakatemia for 2024!




For Spring term 2024,Kaaos team is taking care of the Janitorial service.

The international students from Kaaos team take the project lead.


Aileen Marie Nunez (Philippines)

Vince Bitana (Philippines)

Jigna Patel (India)

Frida Ateh (Cameron)

Oshadi Mohottiarachchi (Sri Lanka)

Aleksandr Dolgin (Russia)





Roima, 17

Syntre, 12

Crevio, 11





Edel, 25






Sipping a great coffee before and between paja hours or team meetings are always the best time to share your entrepreneurial thoughts. Can’t miss your coffee (with milk!) when you are in Proakatemia! Yay! So let”s have a count together how much we had consumed for the past 2 months (Jan-Feb). And always remember to drink your coffee till the last drop.


7 kpl of coffee per week

Tumma Loisto Coffee (Pirkanmaan Paahtimo)

Jan – 28 kpl

Feb – 21 kpl


7 kpl of milk per day

Elovena Oatmilk (5kpl) + Valio Cow Milk (2kpl)


Jan- 100 kpl

Feb- 75 kpl


Cow Milk

Jan – 40 kpl

Feb- 30 kpl




There are 13 Proakatemia coaches. Can you name them all and the teams they coach? They have been our guide and great motivators for our entrepreneurial journey and cultivating our team spirits and are always reachable for bits of inspiring thoughts during coffee breaks.



Proakatemia had been using this coffee for sometime and there were times Janitorial team tried to change, however, it is kept the same as majority like the taste and feels of Tumma Loisto coffee.

What is special about Tumma Loisto Coffee?

DARK SPLENDOR The roastery’s first product made for sale. Over the years, coffees have lived on, but the nature of coffee has remained the same. The medium-dark coffee blend combines Castillo, grown in fertile soil in Colombia, and the soft Mundo Novo variety from Brazil. The aroma of coffee has dried fruit and chocolate. The taste combines the soft nuttiness, of Brazilian coffee with the fruity notes of Colombian coffee. Price: 32 euro per pack/ 1kg

Source: https://kauppa.cafesolo.fi/pd/etusivu/tummapaahto/37/tumma-loisto/



Everyone can also enjoy a community breakfast once a month. A menu and reservation is posted days before the scheduled breakfast date. Though the previous breakfast were light and simple, we received good feedbacks about it. Thanks and hope to keep things going well! Espresso treat once a week is another delight to look forward for a coffee break. Thanks Timo N. for sharing your espresso machine! It really serves well!



Proakatemia welcomes guests and they can also enjoy our coffee and tea when possible. Entrepreneurial and team building events are also hosted in Proakatemia premises. Hosting team provides their own snacks but Proakatemia coffee and tea are additional drinks when needed.



JT is responsible for supplying coffee, milk and other needed items for coffee breaks, preparing coffee and keeping Proakatemia’s entrepreneurial ambiance. Though Kaaos is the Janitorial Team, it is every Proakatemian responsibility to share in taking care the general premises specially the kitchen area in Proakatemia, making coffee and keeping the place clean at all times. Also included in our duties are collection of posti letters & packages, providing updates and reports to the community and other little support that we can offer to make the community a great place for learning.




There were many positive feedbacks about the service we have done specially on cleanliness and organization. Thanks for all your help too. However, there were some things that need for immediate change and improvement.


  • milk options as many entre preferred cow’s milk over oat milk
  • Valio cows milk – the blue one and not red
  • letter & package collection schedule
  • milk availability in the kitchen area.




  • Drink your coffee/tea/chocolate drink responsibly.
  • Don’t leave the mugs in your team space tables, paja and meeting rooms
  • Fold the waste boxes before disposing them in the box bin

There are valuable learning of being the Janitorial team in Proakatemia. Amongst our project team, we develop team spirit and leadership. We value each one contribution to render our service in a great way. It might now be a lucrative business nor the most ideal team business project, however it’s a great one for learning some skills like planning, scheduling, budgeting, purchasing, logistics, networking and customer service. It is also an easy way to tick your project hours. As part of this janitorial team project for this semester, I really take pride and consider doing it with great responsibilities which is shared by our project team.




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Project Team Roles And Responsibilities. Read on 25.3.2024





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