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International Working Women of Finland – part 1

Kirjoittanut: Luiza de Oliveira Vago - tiimistä Ei tiimiä.

Esseen tyyppi: Podcast tai vlog / 1 esseepistettä.
Esseen arvioitu lukuaika on 2 minuuttia.


International Working Women of Finland was originally a Facebook group created in 2019 that had the aim of building a network for foreign women living in Finland. The group has over 5k members nowadays and it is quite plural. Living in a different country and in one so small and heterogeneous as Finland has its challenges, so having a supportive community is important not only for working life but also for personal life.

The organization provides services such as networking events, workshops, and consulting, always looking for the inclusiveness of the processes. When you are an international woman that just moved to Finland, you will understand how much networking is necessary and how lonely it can be. How difficult it usually is to find a job or to be an entrepreneur, if you speak the Finnish language or not, you can always experience some excluding situations.

Every woman has a different journey in looking for employment and the Facebook group has always fruitful discussions around the topic. The organization is filling a gap that exists in Finnish society and is providing us, international women, the chance to have an easy, empathetic, and judgment-free space to network. Also, it promotes conversations with companies such as Futurice, Nordea, Phillips, Sievo, there are still workshops on, for example, how to find hidden jobs and curriculum tips.

Two members of the International Working Women of Finland group were interviewed in this podcast episode, Jessi Christian who has a life coach business (TrulyMe) that helps women to empower themselves, especially immigrants, and Niki Strbian, who is a family photographer. They will be talking about their feelings as international women entrepreneurs, their experiences, vision, and inspirations. Also, valuable tips for fresh entrepreneurs were shared, such as the importance of safety nets, to put you and your business out there, how important is to work on the money mindset, and many others.


For the international women of Proakatemia right now and the ones about to come, let’s check them out and support each other in our journey ?




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