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Importance of habits

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Atomic Habits
James Clear
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Importance of habits

Most people on this planet are used to different habits or routines either good ones or bad ones. Habits guides our lives and gives as daily directions. If one day you did something in a new order or in another way your day might look slightly different than expected. Some people are very superstitions about their habits or routines, and if they do not follow them their day will be destroyed. To sum that people are creators of habits in sense.

Habits helps us to get thru the day, they make us feel comfortable and does day to day relatively easy. Or depends on the habits one has created for yourself. The internet is covered with a lot of information on how to create a habit and what are good habits. In fact, a to create a habit it takes some were from 21-90 days depending on what the habit is. Understanding  that a habit is much easier to break than to create. Thinking of habits in my life I could argue that things I do in my every day basis are created by habits and if I did not follow them, I would have hard time to get anything done. For me it is easy to start doing something uncomfortable when you know you have habits in them for example cleaning. They are a safe base. People often have habits that we do not even consider as habits, because they are obvious. For example, brushing your teeth at least two times a day or for athlete to do warm up and cool downs.

Habits and routines can have them same meaning but they can also have very different meanings. Routines consist of three parts: stimulation, reward, and action. Stimulation is a sign of the surroundings. Reward is the ending part which means that feeling or satisfaction. Action is the hard part, it is the doing part, but the feeling or satisfaction after it gives us the reward.

To conclude, habits are behavioural patterns and humans creates them based on what they need. Easy to say that my days are covered with a lot of habits some bad and others good which supports my well-being and helps to get thru the day. I have noticed that breaking a habit is ridiculously easy and to build a new habit is harder and it demands more effort. Believing that changing a can be a good thing, because the brain has to do more adapting, and it can be refreshing to mix things up sometimes. In my thinking there is also room for controversy, if a habit is good and you see the wanted progresses, I do not think there should be any changes, but if your mindset gets a knock and you get tired of a certain habit, I think there could be room for changing. A small change can do a big change or effect in the long run.

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