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How to get wealthy

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The science of getting rich
Wallace D. Wattles
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I read the science of getting rich written by Wallace D. Wattles. The book included a lot of theories and examples about, how much money matters what kind of life you can live and how you could become rich. I got many good scientific statements that I could use in my future. The book isn’t about any business ideas or ways to make money, there are rules and methods that everybody can follow and go for their dreams.


There is no chance to live a full and successful life without being rich. You are not able to do anything special because you don’t have money for that. The matter of life is a development and it requires money. Having money or assets is a result of doing things in a guaranteed way. Is it hard to do things in a guaranteed way? Everyone can do it people can get rich even they are smart, gifted, or dumb. There is a lot of “dumb” millionaires in the world. Every rich person has the wits and understanding to do things in a guaranteed way and they always have the desire to learn more. Reading books and studying more will help you to get rich. For example, don’t go to the Sahara Desert and think about getting rich with your business there. Here in Proakatemia, I see it really important that students have to read books and write essays. Students have the desire to read and learn more. They are not doing it for the teachers, they are doing it for themselves.  I haven’t read many books in my life so far but now I start realizing how major thing it is. That’s one of the things of doing in a guaranteed way.


Creating new things and using all the possible resources is helping you getting rich. You have to believe in your dreams. There are no limits to thinking. You can create whatever you want in your mind and then move it to real life. You must have will power to research new things and focus on important things. You still have to remember that your wallet doesn’t fill up by doing nothing. Getting rich is under hard work. Even if you are working at a place you don’t see the opportunity to take the next step to a higher position or salary is low. You need to place a clear plan for your future. Think about what you want and start working for it. Do your current work every day as good as possible. The worker that got preferment to a higher position is always the worker that does the work as well as possible and has a plan for the future. He has a clear plan where he wants to be and believe in it.  When you get an offer to a higher position or get more responsibility on you, that is the first step for bigger possibilities and chances.


Focusing on the right things helps you on your journey. Don’t ever think or orient to poverty. Thinking poverty is getting you to go for the wrong destination. You can’t get rich by thinking about poverty. For example, you don’t reach health by thinking about all the possible diseases. Don’t waste your time on charities. There is a chance to propensity the misery that charity is trying to remove. This doesn’t mean that you can be mean or unrespectable. Poverty doesn’t go away by giving them bread or have activities. Given food or activity make people forget poverty for an hour or two. Charity should innovate them. That’s the way to remove poverty and misery. Motivating and innovating people could be the best possible way to get them out of poor life. Mentors and examples could give them more than having a comfortable feeling for one hour.


If you have a desire to get rich you must start now. You don’t have a chance to do anything in the past or future. You must do it right now. You don’t have to worry about things like did I do my job well yesterday. You must do it well today at this moment. You don’t have to do tomorrow’s work today. Do everything as good as you can at this moment, don’t worry about past work or work in the future. Just have a plan for the future and follow it day by day. The thing you could think and do for the future today is procedures. Doing things in a guaranteed way today will show you in the future how to go through big problems and hard times. Don’t worry about the emergency in your future. Don’t be a scare, for example, bankruptcy or dangerous illness. There are always some solutions to problems or challenges we will be facing during our careers.


Watch out what you are saying and thinking. Don’t EVER say a negative word about yourself or your business. Try to not think negative things about everything. Don’t admit or think too much the chance to fail. Follow your dreams and try to ignore the possible risks and chances to fail. At the same time, you have to be smart but thinking positively about things will help you more.  There are never bad times for doing business or create new things. Just create and invent. The possibilities and opportunities do not end for the people that have will power to advance in their life and have the urge to get rich.

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