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From failure to success

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Nordic business forum speaker Anssi Rantanen had an interesting story for us. Main points of the speak were about experimenting new ways of business on the spot. Doing things now, at this moment, instead of waiting for agents and different departments to deliver some fancy new material. The process of these old systems take ages. Talk also includes the importance of psychological safety in workplaces and how Anssi always felt in school that he was not allowed to be himself. He had found he’s spot in Google and now he feels he can shine bright as a diamond in the right enviroment.


Live demo of how easy it is now days to create a brand, a logo, a website and a chat bot in less than 5 minutes , was impressive. Many of our worlds leaders are old fashioned and we use agencies to go forward with our plans. It might take from 6 months to 1 year to receive the implemented products and websites. What if it turns out people dont like them? Is it time well spend? Well not at all. That is the main reason Google, Facebook and all the big companies have realized that succes is to experiment and grow all the time. We must be ahead of our time. If it takes us minutes to create new brands and logos and put it out there, why to spend time on trying out something that might work? We must stay on the surface of the innovation and if we want to be succesfull, we must change our habits and working cultures. Every worker has important opinions and in order to be succesfull we must hear everyones opinion. Psychological safetiness playes a big role in todays society. We can not shine if we do not share trust among each other. We must collect feedback and remember to thank for it. I thas been examined that 50% of workers do not speak out their minds , which means we are lacking very important feedback from them.


I could relate to Anssi’s speak about not shining in school back in the days. Maybe the school methods were wrong for me and Anssi. We would have needed more targeted education. Anssis way of showing how advanced technology we are surrounded was great. It’s literally so easy that even our parents could do it, if given some more time. We are finding ways to speed up our processes every second and the companies who are not willing to change their methods for new ones, will be left alone. It is the reality that many working spaces will be replaced by AI in the future, but I believe at the same time there will be new work positions for humans created at the same time the technology grows. Time changes and so should we.  We must constantly learn new ways of creating branding with tools such as AI.

I must admit that I my self have not been too active yet with AI. I must be more innovative and start to learn new ways of creating content with our new beloved friend AI.

Maybe I will look into some AI courses.



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