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Feed Back Essay

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We made a challenge inside of our team SYNTRE Osk to read each other’s essays and write feedback essays about them. The goal is to read each other essays and get to know each other writing styles and interests. Also to provide quality peer reviews to improve each other’s writing skills.


My Leadership Challenge, Samu Nyqvist, 12/2022.


The essay reflects Nyqvist’s experiences and feelings about his experience as a business leader in SYNTRE Osk. He used and referred a lot to the book The Leadership Challenge written by James Kouzes & Barry Posner and also other articles by the authors. He is able to clearly voice out that the essay deals with his experience and is a reflection of his time as a leader. You can recognize his voice and honest opinions in the text.

I like the way the essay is structured. He follows the framework in the book Leadership Challenge’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. The way it first reflects the doubts he had regarding the position and then finishing it with where he got and what are the things he still needs to work with, took the reader into a journey to discover his way of thinking. 

He was also able to nicely vocalize how his team affected him on the journey and his thoughts, describing clearly what actions impacted him and his thoughts. 

As a reader, I was hoping to hear how his journey will continue on what kind of actions he is going to be taking to reassure his improvement on the topics he found to be troubling. Because even though he was able to reflect and vocalize his learning and journey, in the end, he states that he is not so sure what his journey will look like. It is a creative way to end the essay, but it could have contained more of a closing. 

The conclusion of the essay did not summarize the essay but rather went over the mixed feelings the author has had during his journey. It would have been good to summarize the learning in one sentence.


In the end, the essay was well written and brought up nicely the author’s journey and feelings. He was able to write it with a nice tone and brought up his learning curves well and what did were his fears. Would recommend others to read it as well.


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