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Entrepreneur’s responsibility

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Entrepreneur’s responsibilities


Like every human being in Finland there is a few responsibilities that one has, such as paying taxes. It does not come as a surprise that entrepreneurs and teampreneurs has responsibilities. Sense an entrepreneur is in charge of the success of its own business the responsibilities can become very big and stressful for some people. Depending on the country and the laws of the country it can have a bit of variations.

When starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur one thing that should come first to one’s mind is that make all the official papers and make them clear to employees if they are needed. Granted to say that the more employees the more responsibilities, which means that more clarity for the whole organization. One of the very first aspects to take into consideration is that does the operation need any licenses or a notification to the government. However, business has to notice at least patent register for the trade register. (Minilex.) At the beginning it may seem a lot of important things to cover, it will be beneficial in the long run. When an entrepreneur starts it is business or organization in Finland, they have to take all the legal stuff, and all the insurances. Important to be part of the yrittäjä liitto.

With starting a business or organization the responsibilities do not end at all the legal stuff and insurances. After achieved all the legal necessary stuff now one can start thinking about all the business-related things, and the responsibilities just grows from that. The responsibilities can vary from what the organization does. A good entrepreneur understands to take care of the employees and finds ways to develop them, which will be provided both. Not only taking care of employees but also knowing the need of clients and understands them. Entrepreneur responsibilities include following: setting the direction and establishing the desired image for the business, seeking finding directions and ways to improve and grow the company, and overseeing financial records and taking action, such as securing a new line of credit to handle unforeseen events. (Resources for employers.) An entrepreneur how has many employees cares also about their well-being and looks after which means that the entrepreneur has to responsibility to have covered all health care related things. There can be times where the entrepreneur might do a lot of things where it does not get paid, but having that in mind with doing all the small steps and parts it will have a very positive impact in the long run.

To conclude, the responsibility of an entrepreneur seems like a never-ending thing. A lot of things to do and remember, if one does not do them no one will do them for you. Taking responsibility is a strong character in entrepreneurship. When there will come up difficulties it is not wrong to ask questions more of showing that one wants to learn and that also is a sign of responsibility taking. I will believe that a bug amount of people does like to work for good entrepreneurs. In Finland there is a lot of responsibilities on an entrepreneur, because there is a lot of laws to follow. It has a difference if the entrepreneur is having employees, then the responsibilities are much bigger than the if the entrepreneur would work alone. If one is willing to do the extra effort, then entrepreneurship is something for you.


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