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Effective landing page design in 2020

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After getting an idea for a project with landing page design, I started to research what the most effective traits of a great landing page are. The most reliable measurement of the effect that these pages have is conversion rate, which means the percentage of people that clicked further on to the page or gave their information to it. The following goes through some of the best traits a landing page can have.

  1. The Rule of One – There should never be more than one main message on the page. It should be clear and concise, and it could also have a call to action implemented in it. There shouldn’t be any clutter on first sight, so that the viewer doesn’t lose their interest.
  2. 5 Second Rule – The page should capture the viewers attention in 5 seconds, which also means that the very first view of the page must be captivating and hold just enough information to peak the viewer’s interest.
  3. A Top 3 List – A page that has a top 3 list of the product’s or service’s benefits is more likely to convert more possible clients. A good top 3-list has three different things well described. Maybe the main point of the product, something that your product does better than the competition and what the client gains from using your product.
  4. A Video – A video is by far the most effective conversion tool to have on a landing page. A clear, one to two-minute video that can show the entire storyline of the product or service works best. It should tell the whole story from when a customer finds you to the happier end result, when the customer has done business with you. Great videos, on average, have made for an 80% increase in conversion.
  5. Social Proof – If your business has ever had a happy client, why not show the world? The optimal number of testimonials is two to four. It should show the customer’s photo and a short review of the benefits of the product or service.
  6. Feature List – While most of the marketing material is based on emotional marketing, there should also be a concrete bullet list of things the client will get.
  7. The answer to these three questions:
  • What do I get?
  • How will it improve my life?
  • How do I get it?
  1. A Client Based Headline – It’s not about what you do, it’s about what the client gets.
  2. A Great Call to Action – All the ways the potential customer can get in touch and work with you told in a simple, understandable manner.
  3. Have an Empathy Section – Great marketing sometimes has the following phrases “I understand how you feel”, “Nobody should have to…” These kinds of phrases work to win the client over in an emotional level, as they feel like you know what they’re thinking, and that they’re understood. Make them feel like the marketing is directly for them.
  4. Show Your Methodology – Make a list of the steps your work, or you and the client’s co-operation will include. Nowadays it’s important to know exactly what you put your money on, and this will help with reliability and to make sure that you give exactly what you advertise.
  5. Show Awards and Certificates – If your product or service is award-winning or well-received, you should show it. Some of these certificates should be from official sources and show authority, and others could be from partners that work with you and rely on you.
  6. Include a Case Study – Show one or two of your best works on the site.
  7. Retargeting Marketing – Make ads for people who have already visited the landing page.
  8. Do Not Use Stock Images – Stock images tend to turn people off, as they feel unfamiliar and unnatural.
  9. Have a Satisfactory Mobile Experience – Without a mobile version of your site you might face up to a 60% loss in conversion.
  10. Compare with competition – Always try to do better than your competition, and always tell how you do it.


Now obviously one shouldn’t just go and cram all of this into a site and call it a day, but rather find out what your business does the best, and which of these traits would look the best on your very own landing page.



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