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Eat That Frog

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This book is a motivational instruction in order to get involve with tasks and goals and getting them done. ‘Eating that frog’ is refer to go after what you need to accomplish. Throughout the book principles, methodologies and habits are described that help people to be the master of their own work.  In following I’ve mentioned about some of the idea that I found useful, although since the author of the book has been involved in variety of activities, he is able to offer multiple ideas for different categories of people.

Creative procrastination is an effective way to do the tasks which are necessary to be done. Creative procrastination is basically saying a firm ‘No’ to all tasks or ideas which are not absolutely vital for the moment even if they might be good ideas. In this way, you allow more time and space to be concentrated on what you need to do the most.

It is significant ability to increase your focus and work single mindedly on one task till it is finished. Efficient people usually don’t multitask but rather they place all attention in one place. However, I think most of us usually multitask at the same time or we leave the tasks undone for another day. Once the day comes, we need to think all over again to understand the previous works and then start progressing which by itself is time consuming.

Keeping yourself busy and responsible not only moves you faster but also it prevent hesitation and procrastination. Although you might not have all resources at the time but doing something even small continuously, will guide you further eventually. From my point of view, this sense of decisiveness provide a productive momentum that can give you a motivation to continue further and further.

Another good point about the book is that it provide comprehensive methods to classify and order and prioritize your tasks. The importance of planning the months and weeks ahead is quite clear throughout the chapters and thus I think it teaches a great deal of systematic thinking for progression.

I like the way that this book is written, although there are multiple authors and speakers in this industry, this book is well written and easy to understand. Every chapter starts with addressing the problem, then the direct solution will be introduced, and finally a concise action plan will be given to audience.

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