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E-commerce shopping easier

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E-commerce shopping easier

What is e-commerce? E-commerce is a place where one can buy goods or services online, an online store. During the past few years e-commerce online stores has increased a lot and almost every store has an online store. Most of the references defines e-commerce from the word’s electronic commerce, which is buying goods and services using internet or an online store. Depending on the e-commerce, the manger can have different tasks depending on the company or business. (Palmu 2019) Doing sales from internet has taken big development steps. This is the new way of doing business and the power sale anywhere can help with sales a lot. E-commerce is the new future for online shopping or electronic business.

In today’s world it is very common that business or projects has online stores where their customers can buy their products or services. It makes life much easier for the customer to do the purchases from the online store, the customer does not have to be in any kind of contact with the employees. Can be stated that Finns loves when no one approaches them when buy goods. Selling goods over the internet has increased because of the technology industry and sense many people have their phone glued to the hand it makes easy assessable. E-commerce operates in several market segments including business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business. (Bloomenthal 2023) This means that the target filed is very broad and a lot of choice can be made. One has to also remember that the competition is hard, which makes it even harder to stand out.

Some differences between e-commerce and a regular store. An electronic store is open 24 hours a day every single day of the week. It is accessible for everyone all over the world as long as the ship their products or services, often in that case the customer is in charge of the shipping payments. What about some disadvantages. Lack of customer service, often e online stores has chat possibility, but it is always a different experience when the customer meets the salesman, and they have the interaction. Misunderstandings can be avoided when interacting with a real salesman. Information has to be searched by the customer which takes more time to do. To see and touch the product is not possible in e-commerce. I would argue that during coronavirus pandemic that e-commerce stores increased, because people were not willing to go outside and do the actual shopping.

It has become very popular, because of its convenience and in some cases the pricing can be lower than in the actual store. Is it ethical to buy from online store instead of regular stores?  Why not, as long as the e-commerce has good reputation and has all the legal manners managed. Important to remember before doing any purchase online is to make sure that the store one is buying from is a real store and not scam, because that can happen that one buys from a scammer and loses all the and never gets the purchased products or services.

To conclude, e-commerce has increased a lot and it makes people to feel comfortable when doing buying. Speaking of myself, I’m a very powerful user of online stores, because they I can find products cheaper from there and sometimes, they have a better variety of products than in a regular store. Be aware of not getting scammed and robbed.


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