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Digital Marketing

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Albab Uddin Aziz
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Digital Marketing


What is digital marketing and what is its necessity? This is everyone’s question now. From entrepreneurs to established businessmen, everyone now wants to know about digital marketing. The current era is the era of digital marketing. Now from home shopping online, earning online all depends on this digital marketing.

Digital marketing basically means product advertisement on social media. But what is the matter?

What are the steps of digital marketing? What are the ways to do digital marketing? Our discussion today is about all these issues. Without further ado, let’s know what digital marketing is?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to advertising of products or services online. Now it can be through social media, it can be through search engine marketing, it can be through search engine optimization, it can be through email marketing.

Also, advertising of products through electronic media such as TV, radio, etc. is also a type of digital marketing. Besides, promotion of products through mobile instant messaging, electronic billboards, mobile applications can also be called digital marketing.

You understand, there is no alternative to learning digital marketing if you want to sustain yourself and your business in the modern world.

What do we mean by digital marketing? But what are the steps of digital marketing? Have you ever wondered what these steps might be? Let us now know about these steps.

There are many steps to digital marketing. Which are basically applied by digital marketers to do digital marketing on different platforms. Below is a list of some of the most important steps you can take. Let’s see the list.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEM or Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM

Affiliate Marketing

Email marketing

E-Commerce Product Marketing

CPA Marketing

Why is digital marketing necessary?

Digital marketing is an essential part of today’s times. Because people now, before buying any product know about that product on the internet and then buy it. Moreover, people now buy mostly online instead of visiting the store.

So, if you are a businessman, then you should reach your business to people through digital marketing. Let us know the requirements of digital marketing in the present era.

Around 4.95 billion people worldwide use social media. And this number is increasing regularly. The more people use the internet, the more people you can market your product to. And you should understand the importance of digital marketing in product marketing on the internet after reading our above discussion.

Around 5.11 billion people use mobile phones in the world today. And this number is increasing at a very fast pace. Now there are many people who use multiple mobile phones to keep their communication system in order. And this mobile phone is one of the means of customer information collection. Because almost all mobile users are connected to the internet. So as the number of these users increases the need for digital marketing will also increase.

You will be surprised to know that a user survey report by Stats has mentioned that almost 84% of sellers and marketers use social media to gather customer information.

Besides, another survey result showed that 56,5% of people around the world are dependent on social media for purchasing any product. Meaning, they can get information and reviews about their favorite products from social media. And the customer buys online from the presentation and product he likes.

43% of e-commerce shoppers arrive at their preferred e-commerce website by searching on Google.

About 51% of consumers in the world make their necessary purchases online through mobile phones. This number is also increasing day by day.

70% of buyers check the product by searching the internet before buying it. If you like the product, you can immediately order it online at home.

Another interesting fact is that 82% of buyers want to speak with a seller within 5 minutes via their live chat.

You probably now have some understanding of how your customers complete their purchases online. So if you want to survive in this digital age, in the digital market, then you should think about digital marketing now.

Because your competitor is not sitting still, he is trying to reach his customers through digital marketing. Big companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Nestlé are also making their presence known in the digital world with a lot of effort.

Let us now discuss the future of digital marketing.

What is the future of digital marketing?



See how the current world market system is transforming into a digital industry. The day is not far when people will stop going to shops or markets to buy products. They will buy everything online. Because with the increasing population, living conditions have become very difficult.

And people can search about any product online and know the user experience instead of wasting time going to the market to check the product. And if preferred, the product can be purchased online from a trusted seller.

And this online market system is completely dependent on digital marketing. If you don’t master digital marketing now, you won’t survive in this market. Because if people don’t know about your product online, or if they can’t buy your product online, then no customer will buy your product.

If you want to see your business succeed in the future, now is the time. Now is the best time, by bringing yourself and your business under digital marketing, to present your products attractively in front of the buyers.


Finally, learning digital marketing is the need of the hour. If you can learn digital marketing with patience and persistence, then you are set for the future. But the matter is easier said than done.

You need to make yourself proficient in digital marketing by taking many times, many experiments, understanding many things. Not if you give up after a while. Then you will be a loser. So if you start do something never stop before you get your goal or achievement.


















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