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While I was looking for a suitable option to choose FLIPs essay of the month, I came across a blog essay that puts together several comments from the same person in essays written by different teammates. I found it very interesting because when we first start in Proakatemia, we are told that our comments are also valid and can even become essay points. Let’s make that happen then!


What no one told us is how this works or should be done. I will do the same so I can feel my comments are also valuable, by gathering several comments of mine regarding my teammate’s essays. In my comments, I usually talk about my point of view on the topic, compliment when I think is needed and of course, share if the knowledge they are trying to pass is useful to me or not. So far, I have 12 comments in total, but I will use only a few examples.


  1. “Sociocultural Awareness?” by Kamil, the comment was made on 1.2.2022.


I really like and agree with this essay, even though, I believe there is a factor that is extremely important and is not included in there. Since you are talking about heritage, culture, and social sustainability, the racial factor must always be mentioned. Social factors mentioned are related, many times, to race and also gender. There are some research saying that black women have to work much harder than a regular white man to get a similar payment. The racial factor makes it all unsustainable and that is why we should never leave it out of so important conversations such as this one.
“A business that recognizes these values understand their impacts on people and society”, without the perspective I am bringing, a business will never be sustainable in itself, since they can also be the ones preferring white men and women over black ones. Once they use this veiled preference, they are excluding black people from the working world and therefore, contributing to the maintenance of the unsustainable system.


  1. “Get Out Of Your Head” by Kamil, the comment was made on 30.03.2022.


I am really interested in reading this book, not only because your essay makes me wanna read it, but also because it has a different perspective of life that can be really helpful and maybe even make it easier to live I would say. I have been trying to study more about mindfulness and acceptance too, which are sensitive topics to work on, but needed in order to live a better life.


  1. ”ADHD In Team Learning Environment”, by Veikko, the comment was made on 24.02.2022.


Veikko, as time goes by your improvement is sooo clear and I am happy for you. This discussion is important to our team and also to other teams and it is really nice to know more about ADHD and your perspective. Keep doing a good job!


  1. ”We Can’t Buy Our Way Out Of Climate Changing”, by Saana, the comment was made on 24.02.2022.


It is good to know your opinions on the matter and I have to say I completely agree with your ideas. Nice text overall, I would like to read more about it coming from you!!!


  1. “Women Can Be Spelled Without Man”, by Emilia, the comment was made on 30.03.2022.


Emilia, I love your essay. I like how the person you talked about addressed the historical side of the matter, making me reflect on how our rights are actually quite new in this perspective. Historically speaking, facts that happened 100 years ago are just as close as the closest corner. It is crazy to see how we, women (cisgender or transgender), still have to pay for the progress with our own blood. I cant stop thinking as well about how Latin and Black women have their rights denied until nowadays and how it took us even more time to have access to places, things and rights. This is all so crazy to think about, especially now that I live in a country such as Finland, ruled by women groups. I think this is amazing and at the same time, your essay is a reminder of how much we still have to fight in this life. A little poem from Rupi Kaur named Legacy: “I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me, thinking what can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther”.


Written by Luiza de Oliveira Vago.

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