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Business management

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Business management


Business management is something where the organization is responsible of growth and survival of the company. The ones how work in companies’ business managements is often in the spirit of sharing what the employers need. We can assume that successful business has good or excellent management. A big amount of start-up business fails in the very first years because of poor management. This shows how important the managing staff is and that their work is indispensable. Managing a business can be harder than expected and it requires a lot of problem-solving skills. From the very basic’s management has been a core in every business, and if taken seriously in the very beginning it will be easier to follow it through the whole business process. Management is not only seeking for the best potential in the business industry but as well in who they communicate with employees and employers. Everything starts from treating people they right way and showing them respectfulness.

Management has always been a core aspect of every business. (Das 2023) Every starting business wants to become successful, but unfortunately that does not happen overnight if that was the case everyone would do it. What all is required for a power -and successful business to rise from the unknown? Every company or business needs a plan which means that the company needs a management department. The management department does things such as business-related tasks, including supervision, setting goals for the future, and practical work with staff or employees. Finding a balance between work and talent and realising the best solutions for the business or company but not forgetting about the employees and all the hard work they do. A business manager determines the necessary resources, coordinates all activities and makes decisions that will steer the ship in the right direction. (Peek 2023) Not everyone is made to become a member of the management department, the community and society needs a lot of good workers how enjoy what they do. Does how are not part of the management department can also be in lead but in a different way, the can be leaders in the work filed those are needed as well. Managing department is doing the office work, so the workers can only concentrate on the actual work that is bringing the money to the company. Management has a big responsibility on work safety, and money employees wants to join companies or business with good healthcare, because that means if something unexpected would happen, they would have the trust in good healthcare in case something happens.

How can business management become trustable? There are many ways to measure trustworthy, for example transparency, consistency, good communication, certain businesses need ethical behavior, and accountability to name a few. Having a trustworthy management department will have a positive impact on the owners, employees, employers, customers, and stakeholders. Being able to share all the actions and decisions will create a safe and trustworthy feeling. Looking from an employee’s perspective this will create a trust when they know what is happening next or what is the next goal of the business. Important to remember that there can be different types of business managements, which covers different parts of the company or business.

To conclude, business management includes how a company functions and achieves its goals. (Peek 2023) Business management is the department of a company that does all the office or deskwork for the customers or employees. Some tasks the department takes care of are planning for projects, organizing, directing, and taking care of the process towards the goal of every project or business. If wanting to become a member of a business management department one should have good communication skills, problem-solving, and be able to make decisions. As a fact there is a few University of Applied Sciences that have business management as a degree.


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