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My system

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About a month ago, Katrina Cirule, Ville Parkkila, and I hosted a paja on the topic of Systems Thinking. The topic itself is vast and one I’m probably going to write an academic essay about in the future. In short, however, systems thinking is a practice that encourages us to inspect inter-relationships, perspectives, and boundaries. It grants us a holistic point of view, enabling us to pick up on connections and context more clearly, define unique perceptions of a situation and agree on details that might constitute an improvement (learningforsustainability.net).

This method is often utilized in cases where seeing the big picture is important, such as tackling a societal problem or running a business. However, all things can be inspected as systems, and in this blog post, I will be making a simplified draft of the most complex system known to a man: my life.

My system:



Systems thinking. Learning for sustainability. Read on 21.11.2022. Systems thinking – Learning for Sustainability.

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