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4 reasons why live streaming is a perfect advertising & selling strategy

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4 reasons why live streaming is a perfect advertising & selling strategy


“Here, here! Come try our new product! Try it yourself, look how easy it is to use! See the colors, see the designs! Do you like it? Only for ten euros for you, my friend!


Real-life selling is where it all started. Salesmen behind their carts and stands, looking for customers and engaging with clients. Giving pitches and recommendations, peeking for customers’ interests to turn them into sales. Nowadays, customers spend more time inside their homes than walking through marketplaces. The way people buy, and sell has shifted dramatically in the past 30 years, and we need to evolve with the change!


In 2016, Facebook introduced Marketplace where users can discover, buy and sell items locally. Facebook Marketplace now has approximately 1 billion monthly users. From the comfort of their own homes, customers use the internet to do the thing they used to do outside home: Buy what they need. This drastic change of customer behavior isn’t a bad thing. With the help of our lovely friend, the internet, sellers can still do the selling. The way of going around it is just a bit different today…


Here are 4 reasons why live streaming is the perfect alternative for traditional face-to-face selling – Or a good addition to it!


  1. Same selling skills are used. Like mentioned, customers cannot be found outside their homes in the same way as 30 years ago. However, these customers can be found online. Businesses understand this and advertising goods has found different forms. New York Magazine and Livestream.com conducted research showing that 80% of audiences prefer live content over a written blogpost. Why not take your selling skills from the street vending and just do it from home, with the help of your phone? More customers are statistically reached, and multiple sales can be made at the same time!


  1. Live video is engaging. A potential customer discovers a seller’s livestream, clicks on it and is immediately engaged. A salesperson on the other side of the screen can introduce, show, launch and present their brand’s products and a customer can interact with the seller in real time – Just like 30 years ago! In this alternative however, the seller and buyer never actually meet. Money and items exchange owners quickly and effectively.


  1. A livestream video has short- and long-term use. Once filmed and published, a video stays on the internet. It can be continuously discovered and viewed, resulting in passive advertising. What does passive advertising mean? It means that a salesperson doesn’t actively have to be showing the product to buyers, like street vendors do, for example. Once out there, the video will do the selling, without any input from seller. Oh, the beauty of advertising!


  1. It builds the brand image. When live streaming of products, engaging with potential and past customers is done in the business’ social media, the brand starts to build its face. In the buyer’s eyes, the more the brand shows up and the more they see different forms of advertising from said business, trust is built. When there’s trust between seller and buyer, the company and customer, they are more likely to place a purchase. Brand image plays a huge part in building that trust. Live streaming combined with a good social media marketing strategy converts enhanced trust and more sales!


Sellersea.com offers an easy method to do the live streaming of your store, let potential customers find you, interact with them and a stress-free, trustworthy path of placing purchases or invoicing clients. All done in one place. How great!


Sanni Salokangas

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