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Creation of an truly authentic brand -RWB

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I´m going to now do a blog essay about authentic brands from my perspective. To do this I´m going to give you an example of an authentic brand and why it is so important to have one, why is it important to me? And then how I´m going to apply this in practice. The brand I´m going to tell you about is a brand you have probably never heard of. RWB, Rauh Welt Begriff.

RWB is a truly unique Porsche tuner company based in Japan. They make customizations to Porsches by hand that is completely different from everything else. Every RWB is handcrafted and fast. Rauh Welt means “Rough World” and it was wounded in 1994 in Japan.

Why RWB? The reason I picked RWB is that naturally I myself am interested in cars and respect this brand’s work a lot. Their authenticity got my attention at a really young age already and I fell in love with the extreme style they have in their cars. They are no big brand but they still do the work by hand and they have kept the original style ever since they started.

What makes RWB so special then? RWB has a face. Akira Nakai the founder of Rauh Welt Begriff. He is the mastermind behind these cars. Let´s imagine you have a Porsche here in Finland and you want to have it modified by RWB what do you do? You will fly Akira to Finland from Japan to do it with his tools. Every RWB is handcrafted by Akira and no RWB is made without Akira. You cannot just order a kit and install it. And guess what? People happily pay for it.

The cars.

Akira doesn´t write any plans at any point he makes the cars. When he has a vision in his mind he just executes it in practice that´s the beauty of it. In the making, every car is named and signatured by Akira. For example, Akira´s first RWB Porsche 911 (930) Is named “Stella” it is named after the beer brand because Akira liked the beer at the time. Every car is unique no car is the same the overall look is pretty much always the same but there are always some details that differentiate. Every car is fast and made to make the owner happy everytime they drive the car.

There´s a bit of RWB´s authenticity what´s the main point of it? The fact that Akira just could sell the kits around the world and make a lot easier money like that but he knows that´s not the point of RWB. It would be just one body kit maker alongside all the others if they would do it that way. Akira does his job with heart not for money. He really cares about the authenticity the cars have that´s why every car has a name. Akira makes the cars to make the owners happy he has a deeper meaning in his work. That´s why people want RWB although it costs a lot more than most of the body kit makers out there. Akira is not focused how much money he gets he´s focused on that he loves the job and the customers are happy. He has done almost invisible high-quality work since 94´ only at 2010 he start to break through to the internet and now in 2021 he´s a legend in auto culture. Slow work. Slow work with patience is the key.