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Coaching – Learning Lab part. 1

Kirjoittanut: Noora Hyttinen - tiimistä Saawa.

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Coaching basics
Kerstin Hack
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Opening shot

During the Proakatemia journey I have realized that coaching in a way or another is one of my interests, where I want to be better. But there have been some problems. What does coaching really mean in practise? How can I get better on coaching? What is the difference between coaching, mentoring and facilitation? This spring I wanted to challenge myself in a new way and learn the core of coaching in practise.

I decided to jump to TAMK Learning Lab team. Six weeks, six coaches and a large group of students who aren’t as used to team learning as we are in Proakatemia. I t was quite easy to jump into the team, as an assistant coach, because there were people around me who I already knew beforehand. Saawa was well-presented in the coach team, by me, Sanni and Jenni. Three bustling women, who are always ready to learn and take action when needed. Also, we have Kamil from Flip in our team, who brings the right kind of precision and curiosity to the team. That’s why I have a feeling, that our assistant coach team for the summer is going to be excellent together. Not to forget our senior coaches Eija, Marianne, Mona and Jussi.  Experienced coaches you could count on from the first day.

The start

Today was the first day, of the Learning lab planning for me. Just the day before yesterday I decided to get to the team. Yesterday I had the interview with Eija. And now I’m writing my first essay of my first planning day. Not bad, from a person who isn’t the best in quick decisions. But I guess I’m learning.

After the first day I decided that I want to write some kind of learning diary about my summer in Learning lab. And especially in English, because the next six weeks it’s going to be my working language. So, it’s all about taking challenges now, I guess.

I also wanted that I would use some books in support of learning. The first couple weeks the book is Coaching basics, written by Kerstin Hack. The book tells the really basic things about coaching and goes on week by week.

What have I learned today?

Today’s biggest things I wrote to my notebook, came from Jussi. He said that you should never interrupt a person, who is about to learn. It underlines how important it is really to listen and give space to learning and thoughts to flow in another person’s mind. Usually in the beginning of coaching relationship the questions need even more time to come out. If the coach doesn’t have enough patience, to be quiet and just wait what comes out. Patience, patience, patience, but still in an active way.

The first thing I learned about coaching in Proakatemia environment, was the importance of asking the right questions. In our today’s conversation, the same thing came up many times. How to guide team to the right direction in a short six-week time, by asking questions? What are the right questions? What things I should say out loud and what things to keep in my own mind? What tools I have that I can give to the team to help in right time? What if I don’t have enough information already that I could help my team enough?

Lots of questions and insecurities, which are going to solve during the next six-week period. At least I hope so. I’m waiting what will happen, and what things will come up during the process with the team. Thankfully I already know that coaching is simple even if it’s not easy. With that thought, waiting what tomorrow will bring when it comes.



Hack K. 2012. Translated 2018. Coaching basics. Down to earth. Berliini.