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Eight nights. Three nights more than I first booked. The goal was to settle down and relax in a chill environment before hopping into the next adventures. And oh boy have I not taken it easy. I’ve been twice on a short walk along the dirt road and spent one morning and -one afternoon outside the property lines. Global has had everything I needed to keep myself happy.


Soon starts the photo dump. I feel bad for not paying much attention when taking the pictures and for not editing them afterward. Reality often has multiple sides, and this approach helps me to reduce the built-in voice telling that image content should present something beautiful or remarkable. I want to believe that through these fastly taken snapshots also the interpreter would pay more attention to the entirety and imagine how things could look in real life. Photos might tell more than a thousand words, but their stories are shown only one nanosecond from a tightly narrowed perspective.





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  • Kamil Wójcik

    Really cool to see all the pictures, the food also looks fantastic! It looks like it was a great trip 🙂