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Why is it important to create a network?

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Start with Why
Simon Sinek
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Authors of this academic essay:

Gustav Perttilä

Omar Puebla


What kind of networks are there?  

There are two types of networks, social and professional. A professional network is usually referred to as a group of people who can be helpful to one’s profession, especially when talking about employment or moving to a higher working status. Social network on the other hand, is defined as having personal relationships. This means having social interactions by sharing information and opinions, with your family members and friends. These two different categories can only be intertwined with each other in the case of a family-owned business.  

(Cambridge, The Definition of Networking) 

The bigger of a network you have, the more possibilities and connections you can utilize. How this works is that, when you are facing a problem and you need assistance, you can always ask help from one of your network acquaintances. In a case where your acquaintance is unable to help themself, they can always turn to their own network, and find someone from there to help.  

What is a network? 

A network is a huge spiders web that just keeps expanding and expanding, without no ending. 

The more you use and take advantage of the opportunities provided by your network, the higher are your chances of getting to where you desire. This could mean a lot of things. Let me explain, when we are talking about networking with other people, our minds almost directly connects this to a financial topic. One thing some do not take the time to contemplate is seeing other areas of life. People can also connect and share their knowledge regarding well-being, sports, social communication and lots of other important topics, which we must deal within our everyday lives. There is much more value stored in every single one of our network communities. Usually, we just tend to utilize these possibilities far too less. 

There is a saying that goesThe currency of real networking is not greed but generosity– Keith Ferrazzi. The more you give, the more you will receive. That is good standard to live by. James Clear who is the author of a book called “Automatic Habits” states that most of his success, including the creation of “Automatic Habits”would not have happened, without the help from his vast network of professionalsand the support of his family and friends. It is crucial that you have a strong support system in place, whenever you are trying to endeavor into something new, the unknown. These people will be there for you, through your toughest times, give you advise when you are lost and push you in the right direction. Wolves have used the very exact system for surviving thousands of years without going extinct, while other species have. They have figured out the most beneficial thing which we have; each other.  

The saying “If you want to fast, go alone. If you want to far, go together. is not only a quote, but a fact. Let’s travel a bit back in time, to the stone age. We are all herd animals, despite this, most of us could survive alone in the wilderness. The question is though, why would we? There is an enormous richness that we have in working together for some specific cause. In the old days, it would have been for finding shelter and hunting for food. Nowadays, we use each other for vast majority of reasons, but the one and the most primitive still stands; surviving.  

The sooner you can start building your own network, the better. It is as simple as that. Let us think about it the same way as we would of evolution. We want to adapt and become better versions of ourselves, than we were yesterday. The inevitable change can start with small actions, day by day. Changes tend to come over time when actions are accumulated. The same applies to creating a network. Something to think about is as well the paste of doing so. People usually tend to fail because they jump the gun and try to go full speed, without even knowing how to ride with the safety wheels on. The way this should be approached is steady and slow, moving an inch at a time, the speed of a snail but at least you will be fine. No extremes are ever the best optionsinstead, try aiming in the middle and everything will plan out over time.  

(Youtube – Disney Junior Music, Steady and Slow) 

What benefits does a strong network have? 

With the right network the possibilities are endless. The world is a cruel place that will swallow you up if you are ill prepared. It is just a simple fact that it does not matter whether you are the most qualified person for the job, if the employer’s nephew is also looking for one. That nephew will be 9 out of 10 times hired more likely than you. So, for some instances you cannot, and should not, even try to bother changing the outcome. That is just how it is sometimes. On the flip side though, there are plenty of different ways one could affect positively to the outcome of their “destiny”. First things first, BE PRO ACTIVE. Most things in this life are either the sum of your hard work or the lack of them. It is ignorant and foolish to expect results or any kind of benefits from something that you did not put effort towards.  

Often people get angry, frustrated, confused or all above, after not getting what they thought they would have deserved. It is completely natural to feel that way. We humans are built to point fingers to each other, before looking into the mirror. Luckily, we can also be programmed to change our behaviorInstead of sitting on coach, scrolling down the latest social media posts, we could be contacting a potential business partner. Nowadays people tend to already be so numbed by social media and the usage of their phones, that they forget all the useful things one could do there. One good method for lowering down the needles usage of cell phones is to delete all the apps that have not been used in the past week or two, they are just clutter for the mind“Out of your mind, out of your life” works quite well here. Second useful trick is to log out of the apps every time when the necessary, intended work is completed. By logging out it makes all that much more trouble to try to access it again, without no specific reason. For this to work like intended, there must be certain times set up, when the usage of these apps happens. Locked in hourswhich cannot be changed. Not only this will improve the quality of time spent on the application, but it will create a more balanced work life for the individual who is willing to give this method a try.  

What many people lack in networking is the fine touch of showing appreciation for the other individual. Often people think that it is a skill, but I would dare to say it is somewhere between. It can be practiced but there is no faking it. What I mean by this is that it must be already within you, the willingness to show care for others and be compassionate. The sad but honest fact is that most of people’s network “associates” are just numbers on a page. They sit there and do absolutely nothing. There is no communication from one to another but only bare silence. What a decrease and waste of valuable contacts, don’t you think? Then the question laythat why we do it then. Even when we have all the tools right in front of us, we decide to waste them as if they held no valuewhatsoever.  


What is the best way to build up your network and get paying customers in the process? 

The answer for this is: references. 

When talking about references we need to remember that it is not only sunshine and rainbows. Bad references exist as well. The trick for not getting any of those is quite simple. Do your work properly and good references are guaranteed. Although, if that is not good enough of a reference, there is always the alternative. Amaze the person beyond their wildest dreams and there is without no doubt, that they will either recommend you to their own network or even become a paying customer themselves.  

We want to leave a mark of our own to the person we meet and most likely a positive one. This way, you will have made an impact to their lives and thus will be remembered for a long time. After the relationship has been created, you can utilize the mutual bond and turn it into money. A good question to ask would be: Does anyone from your networks circle ring a bell that could be in need of my services or this product? With this tactic, you are yourself widening the very same spiders web which was previously talked about. You take control of your own destiny and push it forward. The person you are asking this from, already has some sort of emotional attachment towards you, so they don’t want to let you down. The least they will do, is think about whether they do have someone in need of your services. Them replying with a rejective answer does not mean it was all in vain. They might meet someone 6 months later who needs your services and the first person they will think about is you. Never treat anyone poorly just because they rejected you. The world works in mysterious ways, never forget that.  

As in many other things, people often like to stall. They say that they will have time, once this peculiar chapter of their life comes to an end. What from this point on happens is nothing as such they initially were thinking of. Time goes on and the initial chapter they began with has passed and turned into several other onesThe unfortunate truth is that people think networking is useless, and then 10 years down the roadcome to the conclusion that they were wrong. Only if they would have started from a young age and thought differ. The size and the quality of their network could have already been very rich with a lot of valuable contacts and opportunities to seize. We only think something is unnecessary for usuntil we face a situation where it would come in handy. Nobody wants to come face to face with the reality of thingsonly until they blow up in our facesthat is when we respond.  

 Many entrepreneurs nowadays believe that they can do everything by themselves, probably they have the best business idea or the business plan but is missing one very important piece in this puzzle this piece is people if entrepreneurs don’t connect with them and think they are a single island in the middle of this big ocean is no doubt they will face many struggles in the future. 

 I’ll share my previous experience about what happened to me many times when I organized some event in the city of Helsinki., I had a great idea, I did the design, the marketing, the branding, I was the photographer, the host, the cashier, and sometimes I was as Dj. I was exhausted after every event. That is what you face when you don’t have a network. I did everything, sometimes friends came to help me, I didn’t have a networking. 

Networking is an essential personal skill for businesspeople and entrepreneurs; communication and strong presence in the entrepreneur’s ecosystem are productive. 

approaches that will help you to build strong relationships.  

Many events around the world bring together extraordinary groups of entrepreneurs who are united around the idea of communication, sharing, creating, and developing ideas; all these people are looking for connection, inspiration, advice, opportunities, and mentors. 

Networking is so powerful not just because you can connect with high and skilled people, and you can feel inspired and motivated after attending those events, hearing all those business ideas and ways of doing and problem-solving and strategies they are using. Networking is the place where can be exceptional opportunities for future investors. 

But how to build your network?  

I believe everything starts when you know your why! 

When do you know why, you are doing the things you do.Everything comes more clear Yes, you are probably thinking, well I only need people who know what they do, in that case, you end just connecting with the good people for the job, and they only will work for the things they need to do. 

I tell you an example of this the two Stoneman and one Cathedra. One Stoneman tells the story about his job: Every day I wake very early in the morning I take my breakfast, and I go to my workplace. The work is pretty rough; I need to lift very heavy stones, I’m working under the sun and being honest, I don’t know if one day I’ll see the Cathedral finished. Nothing extraordinary.  

Second Stoneman; Every day I wake very early in the morning I have my breakfast, and I go to my workplace. The work is pretty rough, I need to lift very heavy stones, I’m working under the sun many hours. I don’t know if I’ll see the Cathedral finished one day, but nothing of this matters because I’m building a Cathedra, my kids they will know that I was working here. They will tell their sons that the grandfather built a cathedral. 

As you see there are two different types of people, but when you know you’re, why? It will be easier for you to find the right people. 

Finding the right people 

The man to conquest the air.

 Back in the days of 1899, there was many people trying to figure out how people could fly. 

Do you know who is Samuel Langley? 

Langley was born in America. He was an astronomer, physicist, inventor of the bolometer, and aviation pioneer. 

He was supposed to be the first man who discovers how to fly. Still, he did not, and not because he didn’t have enough money or the right people. He was very well-financed from the war department, so money wasn’t an issue. He hired the best minds that the money could pay he hired the best mathematics literally, the best engineers; he had everything to succeed, he had what we call now the dream team. Even the New York times was following Langley everywhere.  

He had what we call THE successful formula. But he wasn’t the first. He was looking to be rich and famous; he was very selfishly motivated, his selfish motivation was his number one priority, and solving how to fly was number two. If he solves this problem, he can become rich and famous.  

(Blog. Why-the-Wright-Brothers-Got-it-Right) 

The magic of passion 

In a tiny bicycle shop in Ohio, two brothers figure out how to fly. They have no funding, they didn’t have the dream team, the Wright brothers attended high school, but they did receive diplomas, in other words, the clear example of failure, nobody knows who they were, nobody knows they even exist. 

The Big difference was that they have a vision they realize if they figure out how to fly, it would have a profound impact on the world, and it would change the world. 

That is because they come day after day after day, failure after failure after failure, year after year, they weren’t making any money, but an event like this they didn’t stop, because they have a clear vision. When they find out how to fly, they recorded it them-selves; it was not a New York times around.  

A clear example that Langley was motivated to buy the wrong thing is that he was like; Amazing, I will improve this thing! But actually he didn’t and just left the project and quit. This shows us he had everything to make humans fly; the best minds of the time, the best resources, the funding and the latest technology; if you aim for the wrong goal, your plan and your team are destined to fail. 

What makes the difference between success and failure is two things what you aim for, famous or a big bonus? or something noble and big vision? 

The second is teamwork and trust in the team members because if the team is working by the wrong motivation, team members hide information from others because they believe the information they have is more important and valuable.  

“Only trust and teamwork are the key to succeeding in business.” 

I will share some tips about how to build a Network. 

Have a clear purpose

What do you want from your network? How is your networking developing your career? Do you want to have more clients, investors, collaborators? 


Have a friendly approach with the new people you meet, be active online and face to face. Don’t just wait for people to contact you but be involved. In other words, try to create a relationship with team. 

Special networking. 

Join special networking sites like LinkedIn and Xing. These sites will help you to contact the people you want and maybe reconnect with former colleagues. This is very quick and cheap option for creating your network. 

Attend relevant events. 

Not all networking events are good or the best for you. Choose wisely what kind of events you want to participate in. If you have in mind someone special you’d like to meet, with a little bit of research and asking for the list of guests coming to the event, you can know where to go. 

Practice your speech. 

Perhaps you should practice your introduction, because practicing will give you more confidence. People will truly notice a very secure person who knows what they want, what they are doing and where they’re going.  

Speak clearly and at moderate speed. Don’t talk fast because your tone of voice should be friendly and secure. If you have a tone of voice that is not friendly, people will run away from you. 

Ask questions.

Asking questions will help you to create an engaging and perhaps even deeper conversations. Remember, not all the events are similar so questions should be different according to the event. 

Be in touch. 

Being touch with your network and maintaining a relationship with them is important, no just sent a quick email, try to arrange a short meet-up with them, remember they are busy persons, and probably they don’t have enough time for you right now, just be sure they understand you are interested in spending quality time with them. 

Quantity vs. Quality. 

At some point, your network will start to grow, and maybe you will have no time to be in touch with everyone. the quality of your network and its potential to help you achieve your objectives is likely to suffer. To keep things under control, make sure you only engage in networking activities that are beneficial for you and ensure your online networking is populated with people you know and trust. 

Help others.

It is so important to add value to your network; help if someone is asking for your help, try to give advice or guidance, and if you cannot help them, help them by suggesting another people that could maybe help them. Try to share important information like articles, magazines, and try to introduce people to one another.  

Share your knowledge.

This is not just about helping others here, is about tom share your knowledge, and that is what builds strong teamwork in the future. If you see someone who is struggling with networking, why not offer to provide them with some advice or even informal coaching? Suppose you are interested in sharing your experience on a large scale. Why not share this or facilitate a training session on networking for the rest of your team or organization. 

Be trustworthy

Trust is the most crucial part of every relationship, 

Never share some personal information about other member of your network. Remember that information is confidential, keep it to yourself. 

Not what you expect.

If you feel your network is not giving you enough and makes you feel anxious, take advice from a friend who is more expert in networking and perhaps can help you find the right people for you. Remember, peoples are drive by many different things, and they want other things.  

Learn from your previous experiences and from others too. You will find people suited for your network and people that don’t.   




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