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What do great leaders say?

Kirjoittanut: Petteri Kiuru - tiimistä Hurma.

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Sorry, my fault.

Before I started at Proakatemia I was the person who was never wrong. Okay, every now and then I did admit that I was wrong. But when I become my teams first business leader I realized that I was wrong all the time. And one of the biggest feedback I got. Was the issue of me being “right” all the time. So I took a great journey and learned to reflect my flaws and say more often that I am sorry, it was my fault.

What do you need from me to make this a success? 

This one is still on the learning process for me. Very often I ask that can I help. But usually I don’t ask what somebody really needs from me. And I don’t think myself as a leader right now. But as an team member. In my team we all could boost a little to ask what do we need from each other.

I value your contribution.

When we are studying and working in a learning team. We usually forget to value everyone contribution. One of thing that leads to this is that there is so many of us in a team. That some of us don’t have a clear position to be part of. I am always trying to value everyone and their contribution. It is always hard in such a big learning team.

What did we learn from this that we can use next time? 

In my opinion, this is the biggest thing that every team should learn. This is also the biggest mistake that we do in our team. We should really focus on the mistakes that we make and how to avoid those in the future. It is the one of the main keys to success.

I have complete faith in you.

When we started in Proakatemia and started build our team and company. There were different kind of trust at the beginning. Others wanted to do everything by themselves and others wanted to participate everyone. One even said out loud that she doesn’t trust anyone. In these almost a year and a half we have managed to build that everybody has a little faith to do what is best for the team. Much more work is to be done still. And I need to say that “I have complete faith in my team” more often.

How could we do this better?

I have to admit that this is still a huge difficulty for me. I read and get knowledge from there and then I reflect that knowledge on our team. And by the time when I share that information to our team I have already make plans and steps to overcome our challenges. And I forget to ask how could we do this better? That is still one of the biggest mistakes I make and I need to work on that.

Do you have the capacity to do this now?

 I have to be honest. When I ask someone to do something. I usually start with this. In different kind of ways. Like “do you have the time?” or “is it possible to you to do this on next Friday?” etc.

Also I am trying to ask those persons who are good to do the things that they know that I respect their skills.

Great job!

As a leader and a team member I recognize great job. And I say it. I value a great feedback also a constructive feedback. Of course there is always to keep in mind to say more often a great job.

Thank you.

How are you doing?

Last two are learned. But those are very important. Especially for showing that you care. And even that I say that I’ve already learned those skills. I always keep pushing those to the next level.