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The Tao of Leadership

Kirjoittanut: Amanda Hiltunen - tiimistä Promisia.

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John Heider’s Tao of Leadership is book full of advices on how to be good leader and how to inspire other people to become their own leaders. He observers leadership from Taoism point of view. The writer is group leader and he also teaches a new group leaders and that’s why i was very excited about this book. I think this gave me a lot of new thoughts and inspiration for my career. I’ve always enjoyed reading aforisms so this book was like made for me.


This is also my first essay in english which i’ve done in Proakatemia so this is kinda new experience for me and I hope you guys could give me some feedback about my essay. I really think there’s a lot of things we should all learn from John Heider’s thoughts about leadership. We could all add some kindness and faithfullness in to our leading in Proakatemia and our teams.


My favourite quote from this book is how good leader is all the time aware of what is happening here and now. It says that being present is very important for good leader and is key for good leadership. But why it’s so important? I think the key for success in this is that you need to know what your team is doing at the time. When I was project leader at our sales day in Proakatemia I saw that with my own eyes. It was very important that I knew where my team members where and what they where doing. It was very hectic time because sales day was only lasting two days, and we were all the time in a hurry. Tiimidiili is now around a corner and we have a leader there from our team and I think it’s also very important for him that he knows what’s going on. But in our team, we have good team spirit on this kind of competitions and we are very competitive, and we know how important it’s to communicate all the time and be clear about things that happening.


” Stillness, clarity and consciousness are more immediate than any number of expeditions into the distant lands of one’s mind. Such expeditions, however stimulating, distract both the leader and the group members from what is actually happening. By staying present and aware of what is happening, the leader can do less yet achieve more.” (Heider.1997,93)


Skillful management of human resources is very important ability for leader in these times. Leadership is not anymore about telling your employers what they need to do and when. It’s about motivating your team and inspiring them and also helping them to grow and be the best versions of themselves. With showing your example for your employers and leading them with that is more effective than just saying them what they should do. And that’s all what Taoism leadership is about.


In my point of view, I could like to discuss about leadership even more in our team and in Proakatemia because I think we all need good leadership skills even though we won’t all be someones bosses or something like that. These skills and methods are also good in our everyday relationships and in different teams where we work.


I recommend this book to all human beings who are interested in leading. This is also a very good for team leadership students and coaches. It gave me a lot of new thoughts and it was very eye-opening experience for me. And the most exciting part was this whole writing thing because like I earlier told this is my first essay in English after high school times.