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Service desing: Cafe Lempi

Kirjoittanut: Jenna Korpi - tiimistä Saawa.

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Marjo Rantanen
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Service desing: Cafe Lempi



Cafe Lempi is based beautiful spot in Tampere centrum. Our project team want to develope our business to more customer friendly by customer desing. I have read book named “tunnelma muotoilu” many times, witch is very good book about service desing. I have made one essay about this topic already but I want go deeper and put my skills to practice! I am going to tell witch ways we are going to serve our customers better on this summer!


Elements of service desing


Senses what make big role in service desing. Five senses what you sould think on your business is:

  • What you see
  • What you touch
  • What you smell
  • What you taste
  • What you hear

(M, Rantanen, 2016, 156-164)


Our mission is that our café can be place where every family can enjoy summer days. Kids playground is near of our café so our main customer is families. We are going to serve kids by ice cream stuff and adults by coffees and dinks. Our selection is not only thing what we think more deeply. We are trying to bring those sense elements to our business.

Lightning is important position in customer experience. We are going to focus our logo witch is going to be top of the roof on café and maybe going to but some “good mood lightning”. Because our season is summer, we have to give shadow places to customer in outdoor cafe. Our visual look is going to be something “pastel colors” light pink, green and other. We are going to bring some “kids friendly” by colors. Our café is deep brown and the milieu in park is middle of city centre but there is also  “old buindings”. We want to fit in milieu but not forget kids!


What we touch?

Our team members get´s  comfy work clothing so we are focusing in employees comfiness in work. One big thing working from my experience in cafe is work clothing and specially work pants. I have experience from another cafe´s work clothing and don’t t know horrible thing than uncomfortable pants. In our café everybody can  put what kind you pants they want!

In customer eyes we are planning to buy picnic felts so our customer can enjoy summer day in park in front of our café. In our events we are planning to have mascot witch brings good sense feelings to kids. Our materials in café have to bring comfiness and peace in middle of crazy centrum!


What you smell?

Let me tell you secret…. In cafes they make cinnamonbuns just to bring good scent. In mall where I worked in café we put cinnamonbuns in oven and hope that scent is going to spread to mall. This is difficult to outdoor cafe because we can`t make this kind of feeling when we have no oven and outdoor place is not good for this…  We are going to buy our bakery selection from popular bakery in Tampere. I hope that we can bring good scents by those products!


What we taste?

We have products  desing by our most difficult customers: kids.

Kids like sweet thing like ice creams and sprinkles and other textrure stuff. Our ice cream serving is going to be animal theme or “superhero, princess and othet story characters” witch are going to be experience to kids more than just ice cream. Our coffee drinks serve parents. Bakery products is going to include kids snack and we have also juices for kids.


What you hear?


Best way to bring service desing hear sense to our café is doing a music “jingle” to marketing. Jingle is familiar song that you associate with the company. (M. Rantanen, 2016, 165)  In our park milieu there is lot of sound for example kids screaming in playground, I think we can´t bring loud music to bring more pressure to our customer. We can maybe bring some birds sining from speakers?



My thoughts


We can make more customer friendly experience by thinking those topics. I am so interested about to make best  customer service, product and business development by service desing!

I am going to tell you what was good ideas after summer.



M. Rantanen, 2016, Tunnelmamuotoilu