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IG takeover

Kirjoittanut: Esme Luhtala - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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Screen record of our Instagram takeover can be seen from here:


Proakatemia’s Mavi team (an abbreviation of markkinointi & viestintä which means in Finnish marketing and communications) asked Flip to do an Instagram takeover on the Proakatemia channel. A few teams like Fusée and Waure had done a takeover this autumn already, so we kindly accepted the offer after their example.

I was a bit worried about how can we provide something interesting for the Proakatemias Instagram audience. How to attract an audience where some might not know anything about Proakatemia and others have multiple years of first-hand experience with it? Another thing hovering on my mind was how to sell the takeover for the team as a fun possibility, instead of ‘obligatory evil’. During the process, both of these worries were tackled. 


When it comes to the audience, I came to the conclusion that Proakatemias social media and the internet are already full of basic knowledge about Proakatemia. Therefore we decided to show a glimpse of more detailed life. If the viewer doesn’t understand something, they can always ask for more information or even be inspired to research the topic further on other Proakatemia channels.


As I had been afraid, at first Flip was reluctant to start posting or ideating anything to the stories. On the first day of the takeover, we posted only one story. It was marketing for the takeover that would start the next day. Explaining the ‘passing the phone to someone who…’ -trend took some time and example videos, but when we got into the ideating of each other and our own roastings, people got slowly more and more excited. In the end, we were watching the posted results with Flip members multiple times in a row always finding some new things to laugh about. It was a pleasure to be posting content that got us laughing. There was a high chance that others would find it amusing as well. And if not, at least we got a good memory out of it. The rest of the takeover went smoothly and without as many preparations. In the Mökkipaja feedback takeover was mentioned multiple times as a fun activity and a great memory.


Mavi team’s wish on Instagram has been that the content is ‘professional’. For some professional might mean well thought out, polished, and frankly said boring. In my experience, current generations respect more and more authenticity in social media and that the work environment has personality. Therefore we took some contemporary liberties in the interpretation of the word professional. Since our stories were well followed all the way to the end of our takeover, meaning that people didn’t drop out in the middle, we succeeded in our main goal: keeping things interesting. The Mavi team didn’t interfere with our takeover at any point, so we were able to keep them happy as well. Also gained good feedback through Instagram direct messages. Sometimes a little risk is worth it!



<3 Esme

  • Absolutely loved your takeover, made me laugh! It’s true that the word ‘professionalism’ can sound a bit boring and polished. We don’t wish to brush off joy and humor off the takeovers, this essay was a reminder to me to shape those guidelines a bit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂