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Wings of Academy – Introduction of the Podcast Team

Kirjoittanut: Luiza de Oliveira Vago - tiimistä Ei tiimiä.

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The school year changed and did also the International Relations Team. I am still part of this amazing team, proudly. The IRT promotes Proakatemia in many ways and one of them is through our podcast named Wings of Academy, which we started last year. I discovered by that time that recording is something I really enjoy doing. It is a fun way to make connections, acquire new skills and just have a good time! 

This episode introduces the new podcast team with myself, of course, and some IRT colleagues Eemi, Niina and Mari-Anne. They are first-year students and sounded super excited about being part of this team and contributing to this project. We shared about ourselves and our goals regarding the podcast, how we ended up in Proakatemia and where does the interest of being part of the International Relation Team comes from. 

The new podcast team has many cool and different ideas so our listeners get a full experience of Proakatemia and TAMK just by listening to us. We really hope you enjoy the second season!


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