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Why students write essays

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Why do students write essays?

Writing essays help students in many ways. It teaches them to be creative and use critical thinking. There are many reasons why students write essays, for example to better writing skills and learn academically.

Writing essays is important in your school life. Essays help you dive deeper into a topic and understand it. When you research and write about a certain topic you are required to analyze the topic and that will help you form your own opinions about it. Essay writing helps students collect sources to analyze and summarize them to fit their essays.

Defend arguments

An important point for students in writing essays is knowing how to structure and defend their arguments. You must express your original ideas and know how to write them in a way it is understandable. Defending arguments is useful for school and personal life.

Proper research

To write an essay you need good resources to back you up. Finding proper sources for your arguments is crucial for a good essay. Finding more than one source is great because as mentioned before you can back up your arguments even better.

Writing skills

In the process of writing students improve their writing skills, structure writing, and organize ideas and thoughts. You must notice your choice of words and how you structure your sentences. The more essays you write the more you improve and that is helpful for your future for example in professional writing and personal life


Writing essays improve your imagination and self-expression, and that makes you more creative. Essays can be anything, students can write about personal life experiences and opinions. While writing essays it inspires students to look through different perspectives on a topic which can improve creativity and original thinking. Using creative skills through essays you can become more innovative. Writing can also be therapeutic for some students, creating a safe space to freely express yourself.

Main points on why writing essays is important.

  • Enhances communication
  • Proper grammar
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Learning the right vocabulary
  • Better communication
  • Improved thinking skills

To conclude, there are many reasons for students to write essays. It is an important skill for students to have, it improves writing, and thinking, and helps express and receiving feedback.



What are the Benefits of Writing an Essay?

With a little help from our handy friend Open AI chat gpt (used for getting structure & direction then used my own words to rewrite)

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